Friday, 5 June 2009

New furniture!

Yesterday some furniture i ordered arrived. Altogether i orderd 5 tables, 8 wall shelves, 6 sheving units, and 2 dressers for my work. Plus a little rustic bench for my witches house.
I now have quite a bit of furniture to fill and plan on them all being for witches and wizards.
The shelving units cames as they are and have been made from old cedar wood and waxed. They smell lovely... lol.
The others came as bare wood. Because i didn't have any stains or wax i dyed them with ink and although funny i buffed them up with baby oil. These smell lovely too!
They look similar to the shelving units that have been waxed.
Sometimes it's hard to know what people want so if anyone has ideas what type of tables or shelves i should make it would be most welcome.
I'm thinking a botanical table for one, but past that my mind has gone blank.
Also in the past i've used acrylic paint for my furniture but i'd like to start waxing them so they look like the shelving units. I really don't know what product to use or how to go about this. If anyone knows it would be great to find out how this is done.
I've left the other tables, shelves and dressers bare until i find what product to use.
I'm quite pleased today. No longer do i have to use the laptop which i hate. My husband took my comp to work yesterday and his work friends sorted it all out. It's as good as new and loving a bigger screen. A big screen is essential when your as blind as a bat.
Then i also noticed my blog is so different to everyone elses because all the text and stuff are massive. I think i'll have to go and sort this out and bring it back down in size. So apologies everything has been so big while i was using the tiny laptop.


  1. Love all the furnishings.. I have to advice as to how to finish them up, as I am rather new at this myself.. I have a kitchen table and 4 chairs I need to finish. I designed and made them.. But haven't stained or finished them for fear of messing them up.. They are for the house I made from scratch.. Think really old, Little House on the prairie style house with an old farm
    Can't wait to see what you do with these.. Your work amazes me.

  2. LOL should of read NO advice not to advice. Sorry...

  3. I used to get a product used for covering scratches. Nice liquid could be wiped on,off and then waxed. Maybe there is something like that there. Made by Old English. Anyway it is in a bottle and wouldn't take up so much room as a big can of stuff. Just a suggestion. One I will need for myself too.

  4. I don't have any tips, as I am such a beginner and learning, but I hope someone leaves you a good tip. Your blog doesn't come up large on my computer- it looks perfect to me :)

  5. Nikki there is a package on its way, you should get it tomorrow. I have lots of fake flowers and other weird stuff so I have cut bits of them to see if you can turn them into plants. There are some wings, and some watch lenses that will make good lab dishes and 3 of those bigger jars and a bit of fake fur (hairy books LOL). I know I was only supposed to be sending some wings but my stash (which is huge) sort of jumped into the envelope LOL.

    That furniture is great, cant wait to see it filled. I use statin quick dry varnish.

  6. Snap Nikki, need tips on staining too!! The chocolatye shop I am doing needs dark wood units so Ive bought bare wood and want to stain an old oak colour but the tins in DIY stores are so expensive. the tables youve stained look perfect to me, lovely deep colour. Dont expect using ink goes along way though? Love that rustic bench, would look great in a fairy house too.
    I think the herb/ potion tables always sell well. Maybe a fairy shelf unit or table with lots of bowls of fairy can tell the house has come right, and we want to fill it!!! lol Kate and john xx

  7. Hey Nikki! Great looking furniture. I especially like the tables.

    As for staining, I do use a stain used for "big" furniture just because I have it. I buy it in 8 oz. cans and it doesn't go bad and lasts forever so i really only use 2 shades. I have discovered that the same company makes "touch up" stain markers in many shades. If you are not doing a lot of furniture, they might do although I don't think you save much money over buying the small cans. As for finishing, I just use a regular paste wax for furniture, if anything. Sometimes I just buff. I don't like a real shiney look on miniature furniture, especially older stuff.

    I also like to use india ink and denatured alcohol (not isopropyl...methenol)for aging raw wood. Use more alcohol than ink. It gives it a lovely grey color. I've also used it over previously stained wood. I'm sure you could use your alcohol based inks in brown for the same effect.

    When I put together a shelf or table, I try to come up with a little story about who might be using the table or case. This gives me some idea of what to put on or in it. So just let your imagination run wild. The last one I showed you was an Enchanter's table and I just finished one for an Astrologer.

  8. Oooh fab furniture....don't' you just love getting new supplies :-)

    I used something called Old English Scratch Cover...wonder if you can buy that in England lol.

  9. Great book Nikki did you make them? Kate xx

  10. The books are really cool and I love the furniture!! My sister and I once stained a shelf with Ritz fabric dye. It turned out pretty cool and it's cheap. I love the technique you used, I would have never thought of using baby oil. I can't wait to see what you do with your new furniture!


  11. The furnitures looks really great... and the books ... wow!!! wonderful!!!

  12. Forniture looks are beautiful and..tiny!!!
    And your books..fantastic!!! You have a magic dust in your hands!

  13. I just spent ages leaving all you you a personal messageand then lost my interenet connection. Spent ages doing so too!
    I won't type it all again, but thank you for all your advice and kind comments.
    I will look out for old english products and let you all know what works best when i run a few tests.
    The books were my first batch and the photo makes them look a little rough, but it the real they look a lot nicer. I plan on placing them on the shelves and tables.
    Thank you in advance Debie for the parcel you have sent. I will really look forward to it. I love parcels and looking forward to all the interesting things. I will let you know when they arrive.

    Best wishes... Nikki

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  15. You have awesome taste.!! Your new furniture is pretty beautiful. Those tables are my most favorite.


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