Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nikki Witch Returns!

Yey, i'm back! Can't believe i've not been blogging for well over an entire week... lol.
My Mum and step Dad have now gone home. Had a lovely time while they were both here.

Can't believe what everyone has managed to make and get upto in just one week. Its been nice reading them all today.

So, today i started on mini's again and put together this table. Not quite finished because a few little bits are baking but determined to actually finish something for once.
I've also put together the basics for another table and dresser.

Being me and having to have my fingers in everything i started making some gift tags. These are witch, wizard, spooky, fairy, princess and everything along those lines, oh yes and a gardening one too about mandrakes. This is for when my etsy shop is fully up and running and plan to have a gift wrapping section. The gift tags and what not will be similar to my work and include little potions, tags and labels etc.
Love this idea but will have to see how well they sell. I've seen some beautiful gift tags on etsy which of course being me had to have a go too.
Quite a lot of people buy from me to give to others as presents and i think gift tags to match will be a great idea. Mind you, dont think i have enough room or a clean enough table to go into making cards to match.
I've also been having a good nose at journals over there and thinking i may put a few of those together too.

Heres a link to my shop: Witch and Wizard Miniatures
I found a great banner for the shop so of course bought it. The lady played around and put the shop name on it for me and happy with the look. I wish i could do such things myself.

My little Niall is ill today and off school with a throat infection. He's now having a nice long late afternoon nap (wish i could too). I don't think it's as bad as he makes out. I think he has enjoyed his time off school and having me fuss around him.
I quite often make out i'm ill so hubs fusses around me while i finish i book i'm really into... lol.


  1. Glad you are back - missed your blogs.

  2. Woohoo your back! lovely to hear from you Nikki and excited to see your wonderful new work. We left an award for you on our blog if youd like to have a look when you get a chance. Hugs to Niall bless him, think he needs another day off to recouperate wink wink!! xx Kate and John xx

  3. Everything is beautiful. I think the gift tags will take off- I would definitely purchase one if I was sending a gift. I love the unicorn tag in the picture.

  4. Glad to hear to had a nice visit with family. You have a really nice start there on your furniture. I really like the table with the wide shelf below it...and the other looks good with the botanicals on it. Good to see you back, m'dear!

  5. Great idea with the gift tags!

    I so enjoy looking at your tables and shelves jam packed with interesting things...

  6. I too love the unicorn gift tag!!! And I love your new tables!!! I always love what you do though!! Glad to have you back:)

  7. Great to see you back in the blog world Nikki. Glad you've enjoyed the visit from your family. Hope Niall's feeling better soon.
    Loving all the new creations especially the Unicorn gift tag and do I spy a Unicorn Bookmark..
    Be in touch

  8. Oh my goodness! You apologize for being gone a week when two weeks to a month go by for me lately without my being able to work on mini's or blog about them! I show a few pix of the crop from our garden today so hope that helps explain my seeming slackness! I love your mini's here and absolutely love your new look to your blog. Cute little witchy! The tags are wonderful.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  9. Lovely to see you back Nikki ! I love the gift tag idea, think they will sell really well.
    Hope Niall is feeling better soon,
    julie :0)

  10. So good to see you back Nikki. The tags are beautiful and I'm sure will be popular. Glad you had a good time with your parents and hope Niall is feeling better tomorrow. Jain x x

  11. its so wonderfull... i love this... Unbelievable... bewitching... congratulations... big eulogy from turkey... =))

  12. Missed you. And your blog. And your wonderful minis.

  13. Lovely to have you back :-). Miss your little blog updates. Nice new items love the tags very pretty :-D. Speak to you soon.

  14. Welcome back :-)

    Love the little tags...what a cool idea.


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