Thursday, 25 June 2009

From America with Love! Kats Magazine Tutorial and My Tree Tutorial on Sale!

A few days ago a suprise parcel arrived from my friend Lisa in Utah. I was hoovering at the time and luckily the postman waited at the door until i was finished. He could hear me doing so! Most would just sling a parcel back in the van, put a note through your door and drive off at lightening speed.
I first met Lisa through ebay as one of my customers. For quite some time she has been unable to work due to having an operation on her arm and having to rest. It's all better now and she is back to making again.
Lisa follows my blog but as yet doesn't have one herself. I'm hoping she does soon so we can all see her fabulous work. For those of you that have not seen some of lisa's work i'll put a picture here at the end of this post. Its a man and lady she sculpted with her husband.
I know Lisa is busy sculpting a wicth at the moment and so looking forward to seeing her. Can't wait to see what else she makes now she has full use of her arm.

I know several people around me and have had friends come and go but none of which have gone out of their way to do something especially for me. That is apart from miniature friends i've met through ebay and blogging. Everyone is so generous with their time and friendship and it really does mean the world to me.
Not expecting a parcel it was such a treat to open not knowing what was inside. I'm ever so soppy at times and there were tears in my eyes as i unwrapped everything that had been so lovingly made.
I can't get over how kind people i have never met can be.
A little while back Lisa asked what colour scheme my house was and in the parcel was a beautiful table runner in autumn tones. I love it to bits and once i get a new table i'll be able to dress it all up. I've seen the table of my dreams and saving up for it.
Tucked inside the runner was a fabulous cappachino maker for my witches kitchen. The details are fantastic and love it to bits too. I'll have to make or find some copper cups to match.
Lisa also sent some smoothing lotion for sculpting, 2 armatures, some patterns for doll dressing, 2 sets of beautiful fairy wings, a cape and some reeds for my witches garden pond.
I feel ever so lucky to have all of these and can't thank Lisa enough or put into words how lovely she is. Its so easy to nip to the shops and wrap what you buy as a present, but when we go out of our way to sit for hours upon hours sewing and sculpting it truly is a gift of love and friendship.

My friend Kat the Hats tutorial is now on sale in dolls house world magazine. Here's a preview. Looks like a pretty magical project.

Also heres a preview of my tree project in Dolls hosue and Miniature Scene magazine, Issue 182 and the august edition. Its on sale from today.
Being me i only ever see faults with my work and dreading actually going to the shops to buy a copy. I do however really love the layout and the way the magazine has put it all together.
Kate and John from whittakers miniatures have more details over on their blog. Thank you for taking the pictures and the write up.
I managed to read some of the print here and it looks like the project will be in two parts. So it must also be going in issue 183 which is the september edition.


  1. Hello Nikki,Have just seen your fabulous tree article in DHMS,wicked!!! What a lovely little parcel you got. Looking forward to seeing what you make with those supplies. Jain x

  2. Well done you!!! It was lovely to turn the page and see your face..........and the trees!!lol
    Great to have so many lovely mini friends isnt it, what a lovely gift you recieved
    Kate and John xx

  3. P.S Jain didnt mean to leave you out, having fully read it now instead of the quick glances in the car on the way home, just seen theres a lovely pic of you and your fabulous stand at Kensington !!!! Kate xx

  4. Great to have your tree published. I'm sorry that I shall not be able to read it. Congratulations

  5. WELL DONE NIKKI !!!!!!!!
    Its nice to see you back in blog land. I am often blown away by the kindness and generosity of some of the mini peeps I have been keeping in touch with. What lovely things :O)

    Debie xxxxxx

  6. Nikki ooooooooooooo we are both in magazines :-). How fantastic is that. what number issue am I in or whats on the cover so I can spot it? Thank you for letting everyone know including myself how fab. Will pop out and buy a copy of both. I can show off and say to my mates I know that lady tee hee! We shopped together at Alley Pally! By the way I too get a bit funny about buying a copy my first ever article I ran into Smiths and opened the page to look at my article and a lady looked over my shoulder reconised me and told everyone in the shop I was Kat the hat lady! I went bright red! ha ha! It was nice though. Talking of parcels I have a little one for you when I get to the post office I'll send it to you. Nothing special just a little something to say thanks for always plugging my hats and giving me advice. Bless you xxxxxxxx

  7. Congrats on the magazine!!! It is well deserved... hopefully I can find it so I can try out the tutorial!!!! -ara

  8. Hi Nikki...

    WOW...wonderful wonderful article...a Great Big CONGRATS on the artistic exposure.


  9. Many Congratulations Nikki to you and Kat. I'm going to have to get out and get hold of a copy of both these

  10. Also meant to say fab pressies from your friend Lisa. She really should start a blog. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your gifts..xx

  11. Cool! I'll cycle to the bookstore and pick up a copy tomorrow!

  12. I am so pleased you received your parcel, your friendship came as such a wonderful suprise. It helped me through a very difficult time during my surgeries, not being able to do anything I was able to fill my head with all your fabulous work. Thank you so much. I am so excited for you and Kat, do you know if I am able to purchase the mags here in the states? So happy you are on line again, I have missed your daily projects.
    Talk with you soon,

  13. Mmm..I was postive I posted a comment here last night but thihgs were a bit nuts so maybe not. Anyway, let me just say CONGRATULATIONS! How does it feel to be a published author?


  14. Wonderful article Nikki...well done.

    Mini friends really are the best aren't they :-)

  15. Thank you all for your nice comments and thoughts.
    Lisa, i will send a copy to you but will wait until next month when i can buy the next issue and send together for you. I didn't know the project would be in two parts.
    Mini friends are the best and its also lovely to see so many people also in both mags i've met or know through blogging.
    Thank you also Kat for the parcel you are sending. I still have your gifts here like your staff, your aged bottles and other bits and bobs. I've really got to get myself together and post them.
    Nikki x


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