Saturday, 13 June 2009

Miniature Keepsake Box!

Yesterday i found some lovely paper in hobbycraft to cover a small wooden box i want to use for storing a few miniatures. Rather than storing them in horrid boxes i thought it would be nice to have something different.
Woke this morning with an urge to get it made and here's the result. It's not quite how i imagined but ok for a first attmept at something new.
Here's a few photos of further beautiful papers i found yesterday. If you are into fairies and magic then these papers may be of use.
I think they could be used on walls for dolls houses.
The stack of paper is called The Once Upon a Time Stack by Premium Stacks DCWV. It's the paper used for scrapbooking. Altogether there are 48 sheets (2 of each) and i think the cost was £12.99


  1. Oh Nikki, I have the same stack of papers, I brought it from my visit to the US last october, it´s so so beautiful, I´m still hesitating to use it because it´s sooooo pretty !!!
    I really like what you did with it !!!

  2. Nikki love how you've covered the box with that beautiful scrap book paper. Might have to get you to get me stack I Love it. How I miss Hobby Craft Boo

  3. Lovely papers, Nik. I know what you mean about keep miniatures in less than attractive boxes...I recently found some stacking boxes already covered in a pretty Victorian paper. It's nice to be able to just have them out and be attractive to look at...


  4. Nikki, the box is beautiful. You did a great job! Love the papers too.

  5. You've done a fantastic job on that box Nikki! Those papers are beautiful, I know as I have one of the top paper only (my mum spotted it for me ages ago being sold individually)I sometimes use it as a backdrop when I photograph my witches <:o) what the photos dont show is the lovely glittery effect on them. I love the 'once upon a time one' will definitely have to go and find that one. Thanx for sharing them with us.

  6. Beautiful papers Nikki and the box looks fab :0) I love the paisley ones, I have a paisley habit LOL just love it !
    julie xx

  7. Love the papers. The box looks so beautiful!!

  8. Nikki they are lovely papers and they are so effective. I love that box are you going to do more of them?
    Debie xxx

  9. Hi Silke. I know, isnt it a beautiful stack. I have not shown all of them but i too was a bit frightened to cut one... lol.
    Just go for it and use one and see what happens. I think they make nice backgrounds for miniatures.

    Hi Debbie. If you want some let me know and i'll get some when shopping next week and then post to you. I'm going shopping on Thursday with my Mum (when she visits) and can pick some up then. Let me know. The pictures here really dont do them justice.

    Hi Ice Queen. I know, i get sick of ugly things around me and can see why Casey makes covers for everything. I think i may find a stack of bocxes too and makes them old and rustic too.

    Hi Casey. Thanks. The papers are beautiful and not seen anything around ever that i've liked so much. I was tempted to buy two lots just incase... lol.

    Hi Wendie. Yes, you're right the pictures dont do them justice. I love them to bits and keep flicking through (Like you do when your sad like me). I sat in the car all the way home flicking much to everyones amusement... lol.
    They have no taste!

    Hi Julie. A paisley habit... lol. I have a glass habit and like bottles too much.
    There are other paisley patterns in this stack which are equally as nice. I loved these ones because they look aged.

    Hi Eva. Glad you like them. The box didnt turn out how i imagined but i think the next one will now i have learned by my mistakes.

    Hi Debie. Well i thought i would have a go at covering boxes after seeing some lovely ones on etsy. I had this vision in my head they would be good enough for sale.
    I was thinking in my etsy shop i'll have a pendant section, a keepsake box section, Scrap section for things like beads, buckles and steampunk etc. And of course a miniature section.
    I'll have to work on the boxes to improve them if i want a keepsake box section... lol. They don't take long to do but i made so many mistakes with this one it wouldnt be good enough to sell. I'll keep trying though.

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Off again to do my ironing. So far i've ironed 86 items and not even half way through. Oh to be rich and send it out all the time.

  10. Oops... i said i was sad in one of these comments and had a few emails with everyone worrying that i'm sad.
    Its just and english figure of speech and i meant god i'm a sad person loving to flick through paper over and over. I was kind of taking the mick out of myself for getting such enjoyment from paper... lol
    Its quite funny really but promise i'm more than happy.
    You have to be careful when blogging i suppose because there are so many meanings for one word that it can easily be mixed up.

  11. Hi Nikki, the box is beatiful. You are right in wanting a nice place to store your soooo good minis. I understand how you felt about the paper, I buy lot of it but I need to be very brave when it comes to cut it. Sometimes they are so beautiful that cutting them seems a sacrilege.

  12. Nikki the box is beautiful ! I love the papers especially the aged paisley. I am wanting a similar sort of pattern to put on my new shelving system for fairs. Will definitely check out hobby craft, I need quite a lot! Jain x

  13. Oh, I love what you did to the the box! The paper is very cool!


  14. Nikki,you have a new award waiting ove at my blog. Please come and get it.

  15. Hi have those papers too. They do a larger version as well plus little labels and things. Really pretty. Love the box what a lovely idea :-). I used some of the papers as wall paper in my wizard tower. I didn't glue them on purpose so I can change them which gives a different look. Also great for a miniature theatre stage! That would be a lovely project. I also use them to photograph some of my hats against which looks nice :-)

  16. I love these papers, trying to think what i could cover , so I have an excuse to buy them!! Theres an award for you Nikk on our Blog, Kate xx

  17. Like wow, these are awsome! I want them too xD


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