Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Potting corner again.

Won't be long now until complete. I've taken much longer than i imagined, mostly because i have been learnng as i've gone along. I've never made leaves before nor ever got this far with completion on a build. I know its only a little build but it will be the first i'll finish so its all been a learning experience.
Where the sunflower was showing in my previous post i decided it didnt look right and so have moved it.
I made the stem for the sunflower and all the leaves. But the sunflower head i cant get right using paper or the cold porcelain. I will need to order a cutter for the petals and will make good use of it for further sunflowers.
So for now i have pinched the sunflower head off my bought one and attached to the stem i fnished today. Once my cutter arrives i can make a replacment head for the old one. Sounds daft i know but i prefer the leaves on mine.
I'll also add the face to the sunflower later.
So, where the sunflower was i'm now going to put creeping ivy and then lots of pots with plants infront at various heights. I think it will look better.
At the moment the wire is just there as a tester and still ned to paint it and add leaves and a bit more wire.
Now i've worked this out i can get on with adding all the witchy twists and strange items dotted here and there, some mice, maybe a cat and everything else thats needed.

My news. Next time i have some miniatures for sale i'm going to be selling from Etsy.
When i'm organised with this i'll put a link to my new sales page.
I like the look and feel of etsy over ebay and the fees and listing rules and regs are a lot better than ebay. It just seems a nicer place to sell from.
I've fully set up the account and will sort the link out later.


  1. Your sunflower leaves look great. I'm going to have to get myself one of those veiner thingies. Makes the leaf so realistic. And I do like the vine in the corner... Good move with Esty, I think. Better venue for your type of work.

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  2. OOh I like the way the ivy is coming out of the wall! and it does look much better having the sunflower where it is and the ivy where that is if you know what I mean , it looked good before but you keep making it better & better! :o) Im just gonna email you about the mould thingy :o)

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I love everything you have done, it gets better each time I see it. I think the leaf molds are great. I am happy you are going to be selling on Etsy it seems like a nicer atmosphere to me. I am sewing again I am anxious to complete a project I started for you; I think you will love it. I guess I am biased as I am making it. I so enjoy watching your projects evolve. Thank you for sharing it is so inspiring.
    Take care,

  4. Nikki, this is so nicely done I love the sunflower and well all of it! Also love your new jars on eBay they are fantastic. You are such a clever lady! I have some more hats for you to play with will post them to you next week. Have fun and remember to put your feet up from time to time! xxxxx

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  6. WOW, I love it!! I looks great!! Wonderful job!!


  7. Nikky, Did you make the potting corner? I just love it. Would you do a tutorial on it?

  8. The potting corner is looking lovely.
    Etsy is a great place to sell minis. I find it such a friendly place. It'll be be fab to have you joining in.

  9. This is so lovely nikki, the sunflower is beautiful and the whole thing looks just perfect,
    lovely work :0)
    julie xxxx

  10. Wow,it looks great,wonderful job and the sunflower is my favorite,it looks perfect!


  11. Absolutely Fabulous Nicky!!! You are very clever. Looks perfect. Is this going to be on Etsy?? Jain x x x

  12. It just gets better and better Nikki, I love all the things you are doing with it. Good luck with your new venture on Etsy xxx
    Debie xxx

  13. We think its fabulous, its an amzing first build Nikki, hope it motivates you to do more and bigger builds as this shows you have such talent for this style miniature.The tree is wonderful, we'll have to pick your brains when the fairy house comes as we want vines etc coming up the side of the house and havnt a clue where to start. Looked at the Rick Pierce pages and want it to look like that, but havnt used wire etc before, so be prepared to be bugged alot!! Kate and John xx

  14. Looks amazing! I can't wait to see it with more "witchy" touches. You are so talented!

  15. Forgot to ask Nikki will the potting corner be going on Etsy, and not knowing anything about Etsy, is it a buy it now set price page or auction style like Ebay? thanks, Kate and John

  16. Wonderful looks really great.

    Most cutters are too big for 12th scale but there is a sunflower one that is fine. Or even if you can't find one the petals are large enough that they are pretty easy to cut by hand.

    I have sold a few things on etsy...I have not listed much but what I have sold well. The only thing I don't like is the fixed price format simply because I hate setting my own priced.

    But their fees are great and they have a minis section at least now. And i love the layout much more than the other place.

  17. This is wonderful. It might be a corner but it has so much going on in all those little details....fantastic stuff....more please:O)!

  18. Great potting scene, looking forward to the creeping ivy and witchy bits too. Thanks for the heads up about Etsy, added your shop as a favorite. Hope to see you there soon!

  19. Oh, I love it!!! It´s faboulos.

    Lotti :o)

  20. Wow!! I love your little potting shed, so beautifully made, you are a very talented miniaturist!!

    Regards, Linda

  21. Hi Ice Queen. Next time i send you a parcle i'll pop in a leaf veiner for you. I've made a few sets.

    Hi Wendie. Thank you for the kind words. Your veiner should be with you today.

    Hi Lisa. Nice to hear from you. I too think etsy will be better. Glad your enjoying the potting scene. I'm still no further than i was 2 days ago. Been sorting out other stuff so had no time to work.
    I will look forward to your suprise gift. I love suprises. I can never keep a suprsie myself for others, think i'm a bit childish like that... lol.

    Hi Kat. Thank you for your kind comments and the little hats you are going to send. Its really kind of you. I too have still not sent your gifts but promise i will when they are all finished. I always think i can do everything in a day.

    Hi Jayne - Tallulah. Thank you for letting me know i had put phone numbers in the background. All sorted now and i've cropped the picture. Perhaps i should just move those numbers from my photo area... lol.

    Hi Creepy creations. I too love your work and thansl for the kind thoughts.

    Hi Never enough time. Yes, i built the corner from scratch. I dont think i would want to do a tutorial because there are so many stages, but basically you just build you base from wood, mdf, or whiteboard etc. Cover with modroc or tissue and pva and then use paperclay or anything similar to create the stones and wall texture. Then just paint.
    If you go back through my blog its been built the same as my witches house so you can see how to go about it.

    Hi Susanna. I too think etsy looks a lot friendlier and also much better than ebay. I will look forward to my first sales there.

    Hi Julie. Thank you for the kind comment. Hoping i can get it finsihed asap. It my favourite miniature so far.

    Hi Sabia. Ii have so far made everything else apart from the sunflower head. I just can't get the head right on my own. But i did make the stem. I'm so glad you like it all so far.

    Hi Jain. Thank you, glad you like it. I think i will put it on etsy when i have more work complete and my shop is up and running fully.
    It was meant to go on ebay this wekend but no longer want to sell from there.

  22. Hi Debie. I'm looking forward to the new corners you too have planned. Corners are such fun. Can't wait to get on with my next one. I'm thinking it will be a fairy corner rather than making an entire house, but i might just make it a fairy corner with a twist and have them all caged up and trapped by the Oh the poor fairies!
    Looking forward to my etsy sales too. Maybe you too should have a look at etsy.

    Hi Kate and John. If you look at the wire i have put together on the corner thats really all you need to do and then paint and add leaves. When my tree tutorial comes out in dolls house and miniature scene next month you could follow that but not make the stump.
    You also asked if etsy is buy it now or auction. Etsy is all buy it now.

    Hi Jayne - Tallulah. I think i used the wrong type of paper for the petals and will have another go at making them with a thicker perhaps more natural paper. The paper i used was fine for the leaves but not right for petals. Perhaps i will make them out of clay.
    I too like the layout of etsy and the fees are so much better. Plus you can list for upto 4 months with one item. I just have to get my head around dollars and know the exchange rate.

    Hi Julie... lol at more please. Hope to get it finished by the weekend, but... i started several other things last night and excited to get them moving. I always say oh i'll have it done by a certain day and then forget and start something new.
    Promise i will get it done asap.

    Hi Jem Joop. I too can't wait to witch it all up further. Not had tme to work on it for the last 2 days. Glad you like it and thanks for the kind comment.

    Hi Lotti. Glad you like it. Its my favourite so far and a bit scared to make mistakes hence why i'm going slow.

    Hi Linda. Thanks and glad you like it. Nice to meet you too!.

    Gosh this was a long one. Hope i havnt missed anyone!
    I've been busy setting up my comp that went pop a little while back since last night and so no mini work. I sent it to work with my husband for them all to prod and poke about. Its now come back good as new.
    Lol, but when i signed into my blog i was like oh the words are big, everythings big. You must all think i'm as blind as a bat. Actually i do have abd eyesight... lol.
    I'll have to sort this and mnake it all a little smaller.
    Thank you all for your kind words and so glad everyone like the potting corner. I'm so slow with it because dont want to make any mistakes and make it as perfect as i can.
    Off now to oil up some new potion tables, shelves and dressers. Got loads of new fresh ideas.

    Nikki x

  23. Genial, me encantan tus trabajos. El girasol es precioso. Todo fantastico. Angeles.

  24. Hi Nikki,
    It is so great to find another miniaturist who likes fantasy themes. I love your potting corner, it is so realistic and very inspirational. You have captured the colours and weathering details perfectly.


  25. Meraviglioso! I'm loving your works!!!


Thank you for your comment xxx