Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lots of Bottles.

Finished these bottles last night and quite pleased they are now all ready.

If you look to the sidebar on your right you will see a link to my etsy shop.
In a couple of weeks i will have this fully up and running. I'm just working for a few weeks in an attempt to build up a little stock, plus i have my mum and step dad coming in a few days for a full week so thought i would wait until after that too.
I won't be selling on ebay from now on, so if you would like to continue purchasing my witch and wizard mini's you will need to sign up for an etsy account.
Etsy is a site purely for handcrafted items and i think it has a nicer feel to it.
If you want to nose around the site then make sure you check out the dolls house miniature section. There are some fab items over there and in particular some super fairy furniture. They also have a great section for jewellery making.

Yesterday i came accross a great blog for doll wigging and here's the link crowingaboutprimitivewool
I was quite pleased to find this lady had paypal buttons on her blog. I've been thinking of using a blog in this way for quite some time and now feel i can due to this discovery.
The lady has also been ever so helpful in advising how this is done. People are so nice in blogland!

Also found this great site today. The lady has put some lovely tutorial together to suit most varied tastes in miniatures. Plus there's lots of great projects to view.


  1. Love the new lot of bottles Nikki, especially the double headed ones.
    Glad the lady was helpful about the buttons Nikki..

  2. Wonderful bottles ... Lotti :o)

  3. Son preciosos y los colores me encantan. Muchas felicidades.

  4. Great little bottles...I like the twisty necks. Always something different with you. btw, didn't I say that you could sell right off your blog? Just a matter of engaging the right buttons...:o)


  5. I just love your wonky bottles!!! The colors are amazing!!

  6. Love the bottles. The potion must have been really strong in the bottle with the melted top. You always do a super job.

  7. Love the bottles!!! Looking forward to your Etsy store! :) Wanna is a kick. She's on several lists I belong to. She has the greatest imagination and is so clever with trash to mini treasures! :)

  8. Wonderful wonky bottles, I love our wizard bottles! It will be great to see you on Etsy, everything about Etsy seems so much more geered up to artistesand nicer .
    Kate xx

  9. I love the green one at the back that looks like it's gagging.. :D

  10. Me encantan tus botellas, cada vez que veo que publicas alguna me chiflan. Estas ultimas me evocan las Mil y unas Noches, o unas brujas mas exóticas.

    Gran trabajo. Saludos, Carmen.


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