Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fairy Garden To Grow At Home.

Fairy Garden Link

Whilst searching around today for potting shed ideas i found this great little fairy garden Kit. Here's the link: Fairy Garden
The kit contains real soil, planting box, wooden base, flagstone, arbor, bench, birdhouse and fairy dust. Its selling for $62.
I think it would make a great present for any child (adult to) interested in miniatures. Plus they will be learning about plants as they do so.
When i was a beaver scout leader i spent weeks collecting lots of different materials, and even longer potting together 28 kits.
We grew the gardens in wooden bases similar to this and the children thoroughly loved doing so. No two were the same and they each chose their own theme. The boys tended to go for typical boy themes like a football based garden or a pirates den etc, while most of the girls went for fairy gardens.
What was fun about the gardens was when they each child brought them back to show how they had grown and what they had done as little extras at home.
Most of the girls were covered in glitter with neatly cut lawns, while the boys had all let theres grow wild. They really enjoyed making these, watching them grow and tending them as they did so.
I suppose you could pinch this idea and put together your own themed box.

Here's a link to some great 1:12 garden miniatures alongside nice paving and brick surfaces. Garden Center


  1. What a great idea Nikki.. Thanks for sharing the link. How's your little Witchy Cottage coming along?

  2. Nikkki that is a great idea. I had a look at the link they have some lovely stuff.
    Debie xxx

  3. This is awesome. What a grand idea.

  4. This is just what I loved to do Nicky when I was young. Was it you I was talking to about it? It looks fabulous with the little arbour etc,what a find!!! Your tree article is brilliant ,by the way,well done. Love Jainx x x x x x

  5. Hi Debbie. Not much more done to the witchy house apart from some slabs laid on the floor, and thats only half done... lol.

    Hi Debie. Yes, i thought they did too and loved the little acorn hanging birds nest. Sadly i'm as poor as poor so not shopping at the moment and only window shopping.

    Hi Judy C. I think its a great idea for kids.
    You could build your own kits for children for much less and with lots of extra minis in too.

    Hi Jain. Yes, it was me you were talking to at kensington about making mini gardens as a child. I did too and would destroy an entire street in the process of finding all i needed.
    Glad you like the tree project although it's all a little dark. I did it on my old laptop which wasn't that great for sorting colour and editing etc.

    Thank all... Nikki x

  6. Nikki,
    Love the fairy garden!

  7. Oh the fairy garden is lovely! Never mind the kids, I am having it! Haha! Thanks for sharing that one, beautiful!

  8. Great Link Nikki, they look really lovely & now I want one.... no, I now NEED one!!! youve started something now LOL, I think it would look brilliant adapted into something from the spooky zone......

  9. We used to make these with my Nan when we were kids....except we used a tin tray for a base.

    Lovely idea to box them like this.


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