Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wonderful dolls with a difference.

I was over at Jodi's blog and clicked on the Niada link on her side bar.
Immediately i was drawn to the lady in the chicken basket with the eggs. So i found the artists website and what more can i say other than fabulous.
Here is the website link
Heres a few i found and what an imagination. I would so love to own a few of these.
I wish i knew how much they sold for because i'd like to start saving. I dare not even ask for fear i'll be running in the other direction. So if anyone dares to ask please let me know.

Also, check out Jain Squire's blog The Giddy Kipper. Heres the link: The Giddy Kipper
And here's a pic from the kensington show.


  1. Nikki thanks for sharing the picture of Jain's stall. I Love her Witchy hat on the top. I'm sure Kim has one of her Witches..

  2. Jain's dolls are wonderful and unique, thank you for sharing that pic Nikki. I am a big art doll fan, the talent that is out there is mind blowing. But I will have to wait till the kids leave home and I get mummy poket money to buy any LOL.

    Debie xxx

  3. LOL! I know Akira! Get a VERY big piggy bank or start running! She is an internationally known doll artist and her dolls are quit pricey. Not quite into the thousands except for her bigger dolls. I'm not sure how tall these particular dolls are, but the one I have is about 24" tall. I bought it many years ago when I still made a good living! I cherish it today!

  4. Hi Debbie. Yes its a lovely hat.

    Hi Debie. I loved Jains dolls too. I will also have to wait to buy such beautiful items when the kids are older.

    Hi Heather. I knew i had good taste... lol.
    My pigy bank is broken so looks like i'll have to save for the new one and then start saving for a doll. I am so in love with Akira's work and one day i'll make sure i own one.
    It was only yesterday i found these treasures and keep going back to look at them all.
    Fantastic work and so glad to have discovered them. They are so me!

  5. Hi Nikki...

    I see you have discovered the Magic of Akira Blount's Art Dolls.... She is such a sweet and intelligent individual ...her art has grown in wonderful directions over the years...a true treat for us all. Her prices vary...depending on the she is in several of the well know larger art collections...her prices are up there a bit...but worth every bit. We are fortunate to own some of her early works...

  6. Hi Jodi. I wish i was richer and hope the people that can buy such beautiful art appreciate it fully and take time out every single day to look.
    I would so love to own quite a few and would marvel at them every day.
    I love the balance of materials this lady uses. Everything compliments each other down to the tiniest detail.
    I shall live in Hope! Hope Hope!


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