Tuesday, 19 May 2009

As requested by Debbie.

Debbie from Tiny Treasures and a few other people have asked what i bought at Kensington last Friday.
Well, before i go on and show you i'll waffle on a bit about people. I met some of my good friends there from Country Contrast called Bob and Doreen. Bob always make me laugh lots without fail. It was lovely to see them but they are always so busy and sadly don't get to natter as much as i'd like.
I also met Jain from Giddy Kipper Dolls. Talk about Giddy... lol. Such an appropriate name and i love giddy people. She's lovely and her dolls are to die for.
Jain did make me smile when she picked each doll up, kissed and cuddled them and put them back with a tender stroke. How nice is that and i almost had a tear.
Check out the site and be in for a treat.
Sadly i cannot copy and paste any pictures of Jains dolls because the site is protected from doing so. Jain will also be joining blogland shortly.
Julie Campbell from BellaBelle Dolls was helping out Jain with her sales and it was such a treat to meet two gems at the same time. She's a lovely lady and i also got to have a nose at the Old Woman That Lived In The Shoe through the glass showcase near the main doors.
Here's a picture of the shoe and all the cute naughty looking children. Its fantastic and a must see! I Know Julie has been working on this for quite some time and the comments i heard when viewing were wondeful. Just a shame she was downstairs unable to hear them. My Friends Kate and john have some of Julies Dolls and they're such proud owners too.

Julie also has a blog with links to you tube to lok at te shoe in more detail.
Here's the blog link: Bellabelle Dolls

Anyway, i didnt have a lot of cash to spend at the show and mostly went in search of nice silk and litle bits and bobs for my wizard.
This is what i bought for him and quite pleased because the silk has just a slight sparkle to it which was my main request for him.
He's still naked i know but once i've drawn up my design i'll get sewing. He has some other little bits like gems and stones not showing. I'll use the bottle Debie from Piskies and Poppets sent to me in his hands.

Along with material for the wizard i also bought lots of little things and mostly to use for my work.
I found some wonderful purple (my fave colour) eel skin and some gold/brown toned lizard skin. I just adore the line running down the length of the eel (only i could love that).
Plus if you have a close look i found some wonderful little frogs i plan to dot around the witch house and maybe pop one in a jar as a specimen.
There's also some fab frames with a lovely ornate detail. I plan to sculp a witch and wizard head in two of these with hair that's far too long and grew after their death (like you do).
Plus lots of little trowels and forks, flour scoops and spoons. A nice pewter tudor dining set, ribbons and strings, lace and some nice brown towelling material.

It was a lovely day and popped into Hotel Chocolate on the way home to buy a few gifts. Then before i knew it everyone gobbled them up so need to buy again.


  1. Such treasures, Nikki! Why is it that we always come home with tiny little bags that have rather large prices tags.....? What a fun day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What wonderful treasures! Looks like you had a great time! ooooh how jealous I am that you are all over there and can meet each other and have such wonderful mini-fairs!! Have fun dressing your wizard!! -ara

  3. Thank you so much Nikki for posting all your wonderful Tiny Treasures.. Love that Eel skin what a fabulous find. Can't wait to see what you create with it all. Wish I could have been there with you..x

  4. Great to see you at Kensington show Nikki. I always feel cheated that at busy fairs we don't get time to chat more - still my mad husband Bob enjoys keeping you entertained. I have never known anyone drool over a piece of animal skin like you did! I wouldn't have believed anyone could!! Am sure there.s some wonderful things going to be made from all the treasures you showed me at the show.

  5. What great treasures, Nikki! The eel skin is fantastic and I adore the little frogs. :-) Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

  6. Ooh just saw the frogs they are cool! We have only ever been to one fair and it was only a small local one but Kate went with Lola and spent far too much and seemed to come home with hardly anything! How lovely to meet fellow bloggers, Id give anything to see Julie's shoe in the flesh..but there again we would come home broke as we do fall in love with her dolls its true!
    Glad you had a more succesful fair this time Nikki and look forward to seeing the wonderful creations that these materials turn into.
    Kate and John xx

  7. Very green you got to see julies boot in the flesh:O)
    Jain and Julie are both lovely warm peeps and looking forward to seeing Jains blog up and running...sounds like you had a wonderful time, love all the goodie pics too!

  8. Hello Nikki,it was so nice to meet you this weekend :0) looks like you came home with a wonderful stash of goodies ! love the skins and those wee frogs :0) Don't know about you but I spent an absolute fortune and came home with such tiny bags :0) I'm looking forward to seeing that wizard with some clothes on now ;0)julie xxx

  9. WOW Nikki what a stash of great goodies, cant wait to see that wizard dressed.

    Debie xxx

  10. I'm so glad you had a great time over the weekend. I think I'd have had to bag that eel skin too , cant wait to see what you do with it.


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