Friday, 22 May 2009

Debie's Alice Greenthumb on ebay.

My friend Debie Lyons from Piskies and Poppets has put one of her art dolls on ebay this week.
The doll is called Alice Greenthumb (she is a witch by the way) and quite appropriately she has a lovely green thumb. Alice is a gardening witch and comes with burdock root, pumpkins, mushrooms and a mandrake pot and a little basket.
She is also totally hand sculpted and is a 1:12 doll.

Here she is:

And here she is again in the witchy scene Debie has created. Building not included.

And here's the cute madrake in his pot not looking too pleased with himself

Here is Debies blog link: piskies and poppets
Here's Debies website link:

Here's the link to alice greenthumb on ebay: Alice on ebay

Here's a picture of the hands Debie made for me to go towards my sculpting.
They are so beautiful and the ones with the long nails will be used for a witch i have planned. She will live in one of my houses (when they are done).
I'm ever so proud to own them.


  1. Nikki, I am so totally blown away, thank you so much for everything.
    Major Hugs
    Debie xxx

  2. I was just looking at this lovely doll on eBay before I visited your blog page 'spooky' eh!tee hee! Just bought some tiny black buttons from eBay!So I am now getting off my pc before I burn a larger hole in my purse ha ha!Have a great weekend xxx

  3. She has really a green thumb. That´s a very nice idea.


  4. Brilliant idea Debie. I love here...especially her chin for some reason.

    thanks for sharing Nikki...I need to go catch up on everything that's been going on :-)


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