Friday, 22 May 2009

Wizards and sewing!

Not got a lot done this week because my neck is sore again, and don't much feel like sitting at my desk for long periods of time.
So, I'm sitting sewing this evening and getting the wizard dressed.
He did start off with brown and gold toned materials, but sadly i made a mistake with the little bit of brown i had and so now he's going to be dressed in purple and gold.
The sparkle in the purple is not showing to well but i think it will be lovely.
Infact, this material is much nicer to sew than the brown so it can only be a bonus.
I'm hand sewing because my sewing machine is broken so he truly will be entirely hand made.
I will either return in flood of tears or happy and ready to show him off.
Wish me luck!

I will not have anything available on ebay for a short while. I did plan on listing a few auction items this weekend but because of my neck i shall spend the weekend resting.


  1. Bending over a work table can be a real pain in the neck LOL... But your little wizard will look mahvelous in sparkly purple. It's a regally majikal color you know. I like to costume the dolls but not to make them particularly. Can't wait to see this one! One time my mother was visiting while I was costuming a little girl....she kept track....told me it took 8 solid hours. Whew! No wonder I was tired.

    Keeping workin' darlin'.....


  2. I am really loving this picture!! Its really showing off his cute bulbus (sp?) nose!! Good luck with the sewing! -ara

  3. Can't wait to see him dressed in all his glory Nikki..x

  4. Have some rest Nikki, I used to cross stitch and loved it but it did my neck in! Loving the purple glittery fabric, my fav colour.Kate and John xx

  5. wizard is worth losing your neck for :-)

    Hope you feel much will do you good (((((())))))

    I think the purple will be fab.

  6. Awwwwww Nikki ((((((( hugs )))))))) you have my sympathies, I have a curve in the top part of my spine, shoddy joints etc. so I know what that feels like. You take care of yourself and get some rest xxxxx
    Debie xxx


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