Friday, 22 May 2009

Laughing... oh lol!

This time i can't blame it all on the bad lighting. He actually lookS a lot worse than what's here.

Oh my god, what a horrible looking robe and nothing like i imagined. I can't sew to save my life!

Lol... i'm honestly really laughing.

I take my hat off to anyone that can dress dolls. I envy you all!

There are many things i can do and so enjoy doing, but i really hate sewing and making costumes. I love making my miniatures and really badly wanted to give dolls a go, but i dont enjoy the clothes making.

I loved the sculpting and plan to do more but as for sewing clothes i think i'll give up. Or i shall find another way that doesnt involve a needle.

So i'm off to strip him naked again and have a go at making him more scruffy and with draped materials. I can see the idea in my head but so not going near needles.



  1. oh yes, a problem I know - lol - thats I sculpt fairies now. Now clothes - no pain -
    But if you do it "over and over and over again", it will be better ;-)
    I think the fabic is to hard? also steif in Deutsch.....

  2. is waaaay better than anything I sew lol.

    I don't' think it is that bad at all.

  3. Oh and p.s....why do you think my first sculpt was a prisoner...topless and raggy sacks for pants :-)

  4. Don't give up just yet, Nik, my girl. Maybe a few soft layers would be better. Unless you're using silk or really fine cotton, it hard to get the fabric to drape nicely. Try steaming it...he does look a little "stiff". But the close up of the fabric is lovely... Sewing isn't always the best...lots of doll-costumers drape and glue. I mean, after all, he won't be changing these clothes, right?

  5. Nikki you have done really well for a first try, dont give up yet. I hate costuming with a passion but I a stubborn sod and I wont let it beat me. I adapted a Santa costume for Voldemort LOL, its a good job his clothes are sort of tatty. Would you like me to pop a couple of patterns in the post for you? I cant promise they will work but its easier to have something to play with. It sometimes helps to wash new fabrics first to remove the sizing in them and they are less stiff. Dont you dare give up or I will put you over my knee the next time I see you :O)
    Debie xxx

  6. Hi Nikki...

    Never say never! It will come with time...all I can say is Not bad for a first attempt!!! Let's start off by saying that dressing a miniature is a VERY difficult task every for the experienced... thre are all kinds of little 'tricks' you will learn over time to make something flow on your doll and to take a nip here and a tuck there to shape the garmet. Fabric is the most critical must be silk or 100% cotton without sizing if you want it to drape polyester. Learn the fine art of hemming with an iron and finely cut pieces of stitch witchery...glueing when necessary to help with the shape....and remember if you need patterns...use BIG people patterns...only shrink them down via the copy machine to get the size you need...and basically follow the instructions...either with sewing or fine gluing...many start this great!!

    Hang in there


  7. Nikki,
    I have been reading your post for the last week or so... I love your wizard. As for dressing them... I have made a couple of dolls.. One an elf for Christmas.. the other a witch turned gypsy after being dressed.. I too am learning and understand the frustration of it not looking professional. I am reading more and more about what fabric to use and also every trick that different people use. Don't give up .. Try, try again. I am looking forward to your next doll. Here is my blog link of you would like to see how she is dressed. I wasn't happy with her at first but then I decided for a newby at this she isn't the worst I could of done, that being if I had never tried.
    I applaud you.. He is really cute to me.. I think you are doing a fine job.
    Have a great day, Tina

  8. Make sure you cover the nude wizard while you're whipping up new robes, for modesty's sake!

  9. LOL Nikki dont be so hard on yourself or him !! he isnt too bad at all you know, just needs a bit loosening up.
    If its not too late for him a good little trick is to just stick him under the tap then scrunch and pull and drape his outfit the way it should be and leave to dry ! Mind you this will only work on natural fabrics that are colour fast but I do it a lot and it works. Sone of us use spray starch but water does the trick every time.
    see what happens :0)
    julie xxx

  10. I'm a strong believer in the power of glue :D

  11. Hi Nikki! I think the fabric is not the right one. It looks stiff.

    I completely believe in you. It will work with the right fabric ;0).


  12. I will answer you all together because there are so many comments.
    Glad i made you all laugh. What a horrid looking robe.
    Thank you all for your hints and tips about water and starch, washing and how to treat material. I will use all those tips for his hat which i want to shape and put a little twist to.
    Thank you Tina for sending me a link, i'll go and see it in the moment.
    I know you are meant to use cottom or silk, but the silk i have i just couldnt work with. I bought some lovely silks at the show last week but i can't make it work for me.It all puckers and doesnt sit right. I'm just not good at sewing
    So i've gone back to my trusted materials and plan to make him look natural and as if his clothes have been dyed using dyes from plants and things like that in the woods.
    Thank you Debie for the offer of some patterns. Don't send though because i'm rubbish at sewing and i dont want to make another outfit... ever! But thank you for thinking of me. I shall carry on sculpting and trying to improve on that but keep them all naked... lol
    Thanks all and will keep going with the wizards new outfit in the brown tones... lol.
    Nikki x


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