Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wizard update!

I just so wanted to show you all the progress so far. Really pleased with him.

I still need to make all his clothes dirty, his hat needs soemthing on the brim where the joins show a little and he still needs his boots. Plus little touches of something (dont know yet) here and there. His hats needs to be crumpled up a bit too.

I don't think i'll take up making too many dolls. The ones i make i'll keep for myself.
You should see the sewing under it all, the body thats not brilliant and his lack of underwear isn't too great.


  1. WOW.. He is coming along.. He is great.
    I am like you ... The dolls I make will be for me.. I see so many beautiful dolls out there.. Mine don't compare...
    Thanks for sharing him.

  2. Well I think he's perfect, Nik! I've never given up any of the few dolls I've made either.

    ( wizards even wear underwear??)

    Susan(aka Tabitha)

  3. Hi Tina. Quite pleased so far. He's not perfect but i've not seen another wizard ever thats dirty and has old worn clothes. I've just made him look dirty but still he's not wuite right.

    Hi Susan. Lol. Not sure if they do wear underwear. It's not as if the witch will be looking up!

  4. I have seen one or two tatty ole wizards...think one was a drunken ole one as well???.........but they are very few and far between...... but don't ask me from where or by whom....never was anygood at remembering
    He is looking really his whole look...theres a story to him.

  5. I think he looks great Nikki! Greak work! -ara

  6. Hes super Nikki, a real old wise wizard. You work so quickly too, one moment we check and hes half dressed , and next time, voila, hes done!! He will be wonderful in your house. Kate and John xx

  7. I think he's brilliant, Nikki! I'm glad you're keeping him for yourself. I have other doll maker friends that make to sell and they sometimes regret letting their "babies" go. All that work... it's good that he's staying with you. :-)

    As far as his lack of underwear goes, maybe he's a Scottish wizard... ;-)


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