Saturday, 23 May 2009


I'm back again i know... lol. Can't help myself and it's good to show him through all the stages.
He's now been dirtied up with my eyeshadows and pastels, his hats crumpled and dirty and the bag has just the right amount of grime.
He's taller and thinner than the photo shows. I've taken several but each shortens him a little. Plus his eyes look like they are staring up, but in the real they look droopy as if he is in a day dream or tired.
No time left now to finish him today. I'll work on him again Monday.
I'll be thinking up a name for him too!


  1. Nikki,
    I had to come look at him again and what did I see... You had done a little more.. He is really coming along.. I am no expert as I have said before.. But you really are bringing him to life and can't wait for further updates on him.. Dirtying him up really has brought him to life.

  2. I agree with Tina, the dirt adds life and character. Can't wait to see him when he's finished! :-)

  3. Nikki, we were watching The Simpsons tonight not long after your last post and in it was a wizard and he looked just like yours!! He was in purple, but his beard, expression and face shape etc was so similar! He had a pair of specs on which really finished him off a treat! Oh and a staff with crystal ball on the top. Love his new look!
    Kate and John xx

  4. Nikki hes is great and a real credit to you. You have worked so hard on him and it shows. I think hes great.

    Debie xxx

  5. He has so much character, you really have brought him to life!Its been great watching him come together.

  6. love the hat. Will he have a staff?

  7. I really like him Nikki :0) he looks so long suffering LOL as if he has lost his staff
    and looked for it for hours and just cant be bothered anymore , he is a lovely character and his new outfit suits him to a T !
    julie xxx

  8. Nikki he looks really good. Love the little bag, necklace and how you've crumpled his hat. x

  9. Hello Nikki,Thought I was following your blog and I wasnt. I am now! He is looking fantastic! Love his new clothes. Can't believe this is your first doll. Love Jain x x x x x

  10. He is lovely he looks like my Dad!I am being serious! Please email a photo to show my Mum tee hee!


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