Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wizard and his problems!

Here's the wizard again in an outfit i much prefer. He needs lots more added and under trousers, rips and tears, lots of dirt and the hat. Then his crystal necklace and boots. I'll put feathers in his hat and he will carry a bag full of things sticking out.
I've done the slightest amount of sewing here which is great because i can't hand sew. The picture isnt great but if i keep going i know i'll be happy with him.
I like the scruffy and old look and he will suit the witches house i'm making. He's going to be one of the witches visitors.
Thank you all also for having a laugh and commenting on my last post. I hated that robe. But if i made anyone laugh then at least i achieved something last night.


  1. He looks so at home and comfy in his new clothes, looking forward to seeing him all finished

  2. I agree he looks much more comfy, purple wasnt his colour it didnt match his eyes LOL
    Debie xxx

  3. That´s a good dress for your wizard. I think he like it more than the purple dress :o)


  4. He seems happy in his new clothes. More Gandalf than Dumbledore. See, if you keep at it, inspiration comes....never give up. Just approach it from a different angle.

  5. Nikki I think he looks much better in his new clothes. Looking forward to seeing all the finishing touches.. x

  6. Oh I missed him in purple before!? dunno how? but I think he looks much, much better in this colour, he just needs his hat and staff and he'll look just right!:o) I quite often have to dress my dolls in a couple of different outfits before they look happy, tis ok to do so you know! don't give up though - you've done so well, and we would all love to see you make more characters - I'm still looking forward to seeing that witch you have in your head!

  7. I love his beard. Can't wait to see the hat.


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