Monday, 18 May 2009


Welcome Doors.

This image is taken from Pop over to etsy and see the fab images this person has for sale. Loads of them would be ideal for jars, pictures, wallpaper and all sorts of spooky miniatures. They are sold as digital collage sheets, are eamiled to you for printing and can be used over and over again. I see a wall papering scene from quite a lot of these where the witch is decorating. You could make rolls of wallpaper and have some up on the wall, with some being pasted and other rolls waiting etc etc. Well thats my idea anyway. Been thinking this one up for quite some time.

I thought i should welcome all my new followers from the last few weeks. I apologise i'm not too polite welcoming each person. I know on lots of blogs each new person is welcomed with a little info and a link. Sadly i'm a bit dizzy, things slip my mind and before i know it weeks upon weeks have passed.
Anyway, i would like to thank everyone for joining and spending the time to visit me.
I appreciate all your comments and thoughts and the time spent doing so.

Nikki x


  1. Nikki, why couldn't you just take some images from a "doors" image search and superimpose your own witches over them? It seems like it would pretty easy...Just a thought.

  2. Hi Nikki...

    Those little witches are sooooo cool! I like the door idea..a lot of great doors out there. I went and looked at her site...very neat. Reminds me of some of the images that I created of the EHAG group for their album...I LOVE altering pictures/photos by adding clothing and witch hats... fun fun fun!
    You should get into this and you can create your very own wallpaper backgroud for your it just like you want....Hey...send me a picture of you...either from the waist up or high pixels as you can get... 'BIG' pic prefered... I will make a 'Witch' out of you for your blog....FUN!!!


  3. Hey Nikki...I posted 5 pictures of you over on my blog .... I created '1 witchy look' and put your blog photo in it (with a hat)...let me know if you like them and which one you like best...


  4. Hi Casey. Yes, i know everyone else thinks such things are easy but i don't have the patience to learn such things. Photoshop was something i could luckily avoid and although my kids are a whiz on it they refuse to teach me because they say its like teaching sommebody without a memory.
    If i spend time trying i'll end up having no time for miniatures. Don't laugh but i dabble over at photo bucket and a few image editing products. I just dont get layers and things like that. I have photoshop and eveything for the kids but i'm at a loss with them.

    Hi Jodi. You could not imagine how long it took to get just this one photo. I run away from cameras normally but had my husband take over 200 just to get this one. If the body went in we'd have been doing this for a week.
    By the time this one was taken i couldnt stop laughing.
    But if you can use this image and turn me into a witch i'd be ever so happy. I can email it to you, but sadly i don't have the original because its been cropped.
    Its probably no good but if so then let me know and i will email to you.
    I really do run away from cameras and have nothing else from the last 10 years... lol.
    Gosh Jodi. Believe me i did try to make a background but it wouldnt work and spent days doing so. I don't think i could ever have the patience to learn.
    At college i just sat and cried when such things were mentioened. Mind you i was an older student and everyone else was really young and just clicked away and knew exactly what they were doing.
    Mind you, not one of them could draw so had that over them... oh lol.
    Make me a witch if you really, really don't mind.

  5. Hi again Jodi.
    I keep refreshing your blog page to see the pics of me but it wont show the new post.
    I'll try again in another 5 mins and once i see them will leave a comment for you.
    My friend Debbie told me she also has the same problem with blogpsot not updating as fast as it should and i've noticed this myself.
    Desperate to see them so hurry up blogspot and make it happen.... grrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Back in a while... need a coffee.
    Nikki x


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