Monday, 18 May 2009

Look what Jodi did to me!

Lol. Look what Jodi did to me. What a nice suprise this was and really pleased.
If you pop over to Jodi's blog page Creager Studios you can pick your favourite. I opted for picture number 5.
I'm not really a witch and just make my witchy mini's but having such a great picture to go with my work is going to be wonderful. I couldn't be more pleased.
Thank you Jodi for taking the time to witch me up and WOW! I now have Jodi Creager Art which i'll treasure.
Look at my new lovely slim waist. That's a double WOW from me!

New one added.
I think i now like this one best.

I'd also like to welcome a friend of mine called Susan. Susans blog is called The Ice Queen and she is new to blogging today. Pop over and say hi. Susan also loves witches, wizards and everything magical. Heres the link: The Ice Queen


  1. LOL Nikki, I picked No 5, is so nice of Jodi to do this for you and it suits you :O)
    Debie xxx

  2. I know. I'm ever so pleased with it. Hoping everyone thinks the slim waist is my own... lol.
    It was ever such a kind thing to do and something i've wanted for a long time, so it makes this extra special.
    I think Jodi is going to have a few requests with all of us witchy ladies.
    Nikki x

  3. What a smashing idea! You look very slim and glam as a witch Nikki. Now you best get back to your cauldron , nice spells only mind , Kate and John xx

  4. you are way to pretty to be a witch, but it is a very cool picture, thanks for sharing
    Kaerie Faerie

  5. Oh, Nikki, you are a really nice witch. It´s a funny photo. I like it so much :o).


  6. How fun - I think you look a very friendly witch :o)

  7. Nikki, I'd popped over to Jodi's blog before coming here and I have to say I Love the photograph its brilliant, very you.. I just left a comment on Jodi's blog saying that you'd be over the moon on your broomstick.. LOL

  8. Nikki, my make a mahvelous witch! A real classic. Thanks for mentioning my blog. You're a treasure.


  9. Too fun! How cool to have your own portrait in a haunted building! Some fun ideas there!

  10. Goodness this is phantastic !!!!!!!!!


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