Monday, 18 May 2009

Hmmm... no string! Bottles ready.

This evening i'm popping these on ebay. I did say they would have string and beads on them, but as yet can't get this to look right.
When i figure this out i'll make another batch and list with beads and string.
Going on this evening as promised at 8pm uk time. They cost £12 for each set with £1.40 postage to the uk. In total there are 3 sets. 2 sets of 6 bottle, and 1 set of 7 bottles.

I've ran out of time today to finish and list anything else but hopefully will have quite a lot of my new looked aged jars ready by the weekend. I shall sort out labels for them and fill with old and dirty fillings. I like this idea anyway!
Here's a little peep!

The chicken coop is still in need of eggs. You would think a few eggs would be a doddle but not so when you have mucked up stained Plus you need clean for such things and my desk is a tip and needs a scrub first.

On your visits to ebay please pop over and see my friend Kat the Hats beautiful hats, brooms and little extras such as a few shelves. some crates and pumkins galore.
Here's her link: Kat the Hat


  1. Wonderful bottles,. I hope I catch these ones, had a disatrous evening last night, everything went wrong, had unexpected visiotrs and didnt end up getting on ebay until gone 10, and I expect lots had already sold :-( better luck next time we hope, these are perfect for the potion room, Kate and John xx

  2. Wonderful bottles Nikki and wonderful glass. Any one reading this needs to watch out for Nikki's listings, her stuff goes fast especially the glass. You refresh the page an whoof its already gone. But I managed to get some, but not as much as I wanted LOL. Shes a popular gal :O) Good luck with your listings.
    Mini Hugs

    Debie xxx

  3. Hi Debbie. Oh lol, i too was shocked when i refreshed. One blink and most were gone.
    I'm really looking forward to pictures of your new work.
    Your parcel will be sent tomorrow, should be with you Wednesday.
    Nikki x

    Hi Kate and John. Visitors are the pits sometimes. I don't mind most but if my neighbour knocks then days can be lost helping him. I need one of those cameras on the door.
    Nikki x


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