Saturday, 9 May 2009

The swap!

Earlier this week i did a swap with Debie Lyons from Piskies and Poppets and this is what she sent me. I can't thank her enough for being so generous and giving me all these wonderful gifts toward my new venture into sculpting. There are so many beautiful craft items, all kinds of fab hair and 3 pairs of sculpted hands. The hands are so beautiful, very detailed and couldnt be happier to own them. I shall make good use of these and make 3 female figures.
Debie also sent me a beautiful pendant and hope i have done it justice with my not too great photos.
I love everthing and can't wait to start dressing the wizard and other planned dolls with all the beutiful hair and everything else.
Thank you Debbie!

Popped a few new miniatures on ebay this morning and will list some more in another few days. I find it easier to list like this because its so time consuming listing more than 3 in one day. Some little pots with faces showing here. My ebay link can be found to the side under my photo.


  1. You are most welcome Nikki :O) I am just glad you are pleased.
    Mini Hugs

    Debie xxx

  2. Oh Nikki after talking to you last night I know just how pleased you was with Debie's Swap. I know your find a use for everything. The hands are fab, especially the pair in the middle, love those nails.. The Pendant is Beautiful. What fantastic work by Debie.
    Bet its all got your creative juices flowing. x

  3. I would love to hook up with that stuff. I know it takes time to build supplies. Pardon me while I turn green with envy.

  4. What a beautiful swap! love all these hair and craft items, also the Pendant, but these hands are so beautiful and as Debbie said, the middle one with those nails! Yust fantastic! Now you do not need to cheat ;D
    Those pots with the faces are gourgious! I do have to start a wizzard thing one of these days! I did not think it I ever like that, but I do now!
    * marlies

  5. What a beautiful swap is that and so many stuff!
    The hands are so beautiful made,and I wonder who the owner will be?

  6. Fantastic swap, beautifully made hands! Adore those jars with faces, fancy some of those in the Potter kitchen!!! xx Kate and John xx

  7. These Swaps seem like a great idea!

    Have you had any negative experiences?


  8. Hi Silk. This is the first swap i've done so wouldnt know.
    Hi Kate and John. Have a go at making some and then you can have loads.
    Hi Thijs. The hands are beautiful and will make sure i mange to make a suitable doll to match.
    Hi Marlies. I know, they really are wonderful. You should try some witch and wizard miniatures. I think they are lots of fun and you can let your imagination run wild.
    Hi Judy. I've sent you and email with lots of pics and some info.
    Hi Debbie. I know, i told you so. I knew you would love those hands.
    Hi Debie. My last thank you, but thank you once again.
    Nikki x

  9. nikki...great little spooky faces!
    Hope you have big bidS!!!
    Bugs & Hisses


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