Sunday, 10 May 2009

Glass and reporters

Today i had an email from a lovely lady that sells on ebay and recently listed some glass items similar to my lab sets on ebay at the moment.
I want to make it clear that i designed this glass several months ago for the purpose of making lab bottles and so couldnt have copied something somebody has on ebay this week.
These were my own exclusive designs and i'm a little upset that people go around reporting people when they have no evidence.
Whats more is that they must be constantly checking out what people have made just incase they can make assumptions you are a copier and then report you for their beliefs.
The lady that emailed me i already know and she's lovely and i think as far as i can tell will be understanding of this. Plus i have given proof i designed these several months ago. I have the proof because i showed my designs and drawings on this blog several months ago. And then again when they were made and arrived in the post.
What else could i have done with glass beakers and stirring rods other than to make lab sets with all the bottles i have.
So if you are one of the people that likes to email people with unfounded lies then please always refer back to my older posts. I tend to be a bit of a waffler and always show everything on here and show my excitement and joy to learn something new.
I show mostly all my parcels, share my secrets and always share my future plans and ideas.
If for example i made cakes and pretty things then to all of a sudden make lab equipment would have been a strange thing to do. But i dont do pretty and i'm well known for making potions and strange minis.
Perhaps this is not the place to vent my annoyance but i know these people will also read this blog.

I would also like to say i enjoy this blog and sharing with others and if you are one of the people that likes to spread lies please remove yourslef from my blog as a follower. I want this to be a friendly safe place and somewhere that people enjoy visiting. Its my place and my friends that have become dear to me and i'd prefer not so nice people to leave. Thanks Nikki x


  1. Hi Nikki,
    I am so sorry that you are/have been upset by this.
    We (sadly)live in times where people think that if we put ourselves 'out there' then they can copy whatever we do.
    I have seen/heard many discussions about this recently.
    Take me, for instance: 15 years ago, I started out as a Collector - I loved mini food and started to make some for myself. Then I made anything I could from clay because I so love to work with it. I realised 12 years ago that I needed to make items other than food if I wanted to attend fairs regularly.
    I make a few Nursery pieces, Witchy pieces, and all manner of items from Medieval to Modern, specialising in Tudor & WW2.
    I look at the websites of all other Foodies and really try to be different but alas we all make cakes, fish & chips and so on - copying is so short sighted because it actually gives the Customer less choice not more.
    Most of us that follow your blog, do it because we enjoy it and I for one love what you do, I scroll the read list and yours is one of the first I look at.
    Chin up and keep doing what you do so well!

  2. Oh My God Nikki, I can't believe the bloody cheek of some people. They ought to remember that you are not one of the reporters. I can remember a little while ago when when someone on Ebay was copying your work and you wouldn't report them. I even wrote about it on my blog. Here's the link:-
    I know for a fact that you are a very sharing and giving person Nikki. Don't let them get you down.
    I can also confirm that Nikki designed and ordered the glass from my friend Ed, who makes all our glass.So whoever you are stick that in your pipe and smoke it and leave my mate Nikki alone.
    Sorry Nikki for ranting, but that's made me so mad..
    Great Big Hugs being sent your way...

    P.S. Wish Niall a very Happy Birthday from

  3. Havnt people got anything better to do with their time! I once sold some harry Potter 'style' sweets on ebay and within a day even with them having bids someone had reported it to ebay and the items were removed for using the name harry potter which you cant do because of copyright to Warner bros. Seems ludicrous when its all in miniature so no threat to them and the sweets were nothing copied by name or even by their design to harry Potter films, but I wanted to list them for people doing Potter or honeyduke projects!! Yet when I looked on ebay there alot of other items with the potter name that havnt been removed, But I sure as hell wasnt going to tell ebay that or those poor people would have their items removed too!
    Seems people must trawl the listings just to pick up on these things!
    I cannot see anything and havnt in the past that in any way resembles your new items nikki , and you are well known for making these styles of items anyway so Im glad the lady stuck by you and wasnt going to be pulled in by this person who 'told' on you!!!
    It is true sometimes you think of a new item, take ages making it and then a week before you go to put it on, you look on ebay to find someone has made one just like it and got there first, ive done that before and so i just wait a while or end up keeping it for our own projects for fear of someone accusing!
    Hope you things sell really well, they are great and ive seen many a person trying to copy your work but not anywhere near your superb standards so dont let it worry you, ( easier said than done!!)
    xx Kate and John xx

  4. So sorry to hear this Nikki.
    Unfortunately one of the things with being open and sharing and posting your work is it leaves you wide open to stuff like this and most of us have had some experience of it. It is sickening to think there are people out there just waiting to try to trip you up given any opportunity. I have only recently found your blog but your work is so incredibly original and your blog is such an enjoyable read !
    Last year I was unfortunate to notice a copycat of my own style but like you I chose to say nothing and hoped that buyers would prefer the original to a pale copy.
    Take care Nikki and dont let this horrible experience get you down .
    julie xx

  5. Nikki im really sorry to hear someone has been so spiteful and caused you so much upset((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))
    I enjoy coming in here and reading your blog, your a lovely friendly bubbly person!!!
    Stay true to yourself and as mags said keep doing what you do so well and don't let these people get you down with their shallowness

  6. Its me again!
    I was so wild I had to go over to Ebay and have a look. I can't see anything remotely like your glass Nikki. (please remember the glass both I and Nikki have is hand blown and made in the UK, its not imported crap).
    I also put in "Witch" in the search bar under hand made miniatures and low and behold, I found a "Potion Board", well all I can say is it reminded me very much of Nikki's, even down to the eggs in the bowl. Just go and have a look for yourselves..
    Right I'll get off my soap box now...

  7. Hi,
    I have never commented but I have been a follower for a couple of weeks and have been enjoying your blog and your work tremendously. I only wanted to show my support! You are very talented and a wonderful blogger. Don't let that kind of people put you down.

  8. Thank you all so much. It just annoys me greatly because i ordered all this glass such a long time ago and it want as if i'd make anything else other than lab miniatures with it and potions. I dont have a clue what else other than lab stuff i could have put in beakers with stirring rods and lab style bottles. It would be impossible to put anything other than liquids in lab style bottles.
    The lady is a lovely lady that has something similar on ebay at the moment and is ever such a nice person. But at times she does make potions and things like that so i suppose it would be easy for us both to come up with the same idea. But i had it planned months ago when i designed all the glass which swallowed up my whole months wages doing so.
    I too like many of you have had things removed from ebay because of harry potter and i still see people selling stuff under the term harry potter which annoys me. I even emailed ebay to say this was unfair if mine were removed but there is still a whole marketplace full of them. They chose to ignore me.
    But, now i am stuck with lots of other lab bottles and feel i shouldn't list them when they are ready for sale. I will have to have a think on this.
    I best get back and prepare for my son Nialls Birthday party. He's 11 today and we're having hot chocolate fudge cake with strawberries and cream and candles that don't blow out. They are all due to arrive at 3pm.
    Thank you all for your support... Nikki x

  9. Happy Birthday Niall,have a super day. Nikki you go ahead and use all your glass and sell it. What is sad it I bet you were really pleased and excited about your lovely new items and now its taken that edge off and I bet you dont feel half as good about them which is such a horrid shame! Dont let it stop you, go sell, you do NOT copy, you know it, we know it and if others dont beleive it STUFF THEM !!!! xx Kate and John xx

  10. Thought you'd be having Chocolate Sludge Cake and Strawberry slithers & Slime!
    Have fun.

  11. Nikki, Tell that beastly woman that she has a lot of witches up in arms! She had better back off!!!:-P Some of the people that do this kind of thing seem to think that they are the only ones that can think of new ideas. Therefore every good idea is their own. Not so!!! Hang in there and keep selling.

  12. You are right to be fuming!!! Tell anybody who cares what you think and who you are. You are not the kind of people who needs to steel somebody else ideas. All the contrary I should say. Go on and do not bother about envious crowd. Happy birthday Niall!

  13. I'll bet that there are mini "lab set" arrangements as far back as there are fantasy miniatures!

    How could anyone say that they "invented" that idea?
    it's like laying claim to a "fruit bowl" arrangement!

    it's just plain dumb Nikki,
    don't worry about it.


  14. Nikki, I have seen many people on ebay attempting to imitate other artists work and most copies are pretty obvious, all I can say is that the public do know the difference between the good stuff you make & the poor quality copies. Sometimes people do have similar ideas and make the 'same' thing without copying anything other than the real life version of something so go ahead and carry on with your plans, you know you have done nothing wrong so its such a shame it has upset you, the person who reported you must have nothing better to do with their life!!

  15. For the love of Minis, it the professional jealousy monsters popping up again. They see someone who is talented and original like you Nikki and they try to jump on the band wagon. I stopped making some things because they looked similar to some-one else's. Chin up hunny, you have a lot of people behind you who will stick up for you and support you. Giant HUGS (((((((())))))
    Debie xxx

  16. PS I love your glass and I feel honored and privileged to own some, plus one of your little boards.
    Debie xxx

  17. Thank you all once again for your support and kind words.
    I've since had a lovely email from the lady that's made something similar and she is being more than friendly about this. We have come to the agreement that people are emailing and gossiping where its not needed. She has also told all of these people she knows me and that she wants nothing to do with their trouble making from now on.
    I didn't blog about this purely because of this lady but because of the people that do the gossiping and emailing.
    There is no where else you can vent this, and seeing as its my blog here's where i have vented it.
    I just want these people that nose at this blog, my cdhm and ebay and then go telling tales to bugger off if i'm honest and find soemthing better to do with their time.
    Clearly if they have this much time they are lonely, perhaps bored with their dull lives and have nothing better to do other than to cause honest people upset.
    I'll be selling lots more of this type of item in the future and from now on shall just ignore anything like this.
    I know 99.9% of miniature artists and collectors are fabulous people but you will always get the odd few intent on stirring things up.
    Now i thought i was the witchy one that like to stir but it seems others too now.
    I too see so many people on ebay copying my own work and just ignore it because its total rubbish and so badly made. It also makes me laugh quite a lot . You're probably even reading this... lol. They can copy me to their hearts content but i do know who they are and have quite a good memory should they ever manage to improve in the future.

    Party not great today. Horrid 11 yars old boys are not a great combination... lol.
    The little so and so's.

    What a nice bunch you all are and thanks for your kind words.
    Nikki x

  18. Oh Nikki! I swear some people must not have any real life of their own and therefore spend time nitpicking every aspect of our peoples'. How irritating!

    We know you're an honest person on top of being a talented artist. So to the devil with the fools who go prattling on about pathetic nonsense. I hope they find better thing to do with their time than upset you.

    The other have it right. How many different ways are they to make a fruit bowl, or a bundt cake? Or even a pumpkin? Some people... ugh.

    Oh and please give Niall birthday greeting for us. :-)

  19. There are names for people like this, none of them are very nice *snicker*. I'm likely going to hell for the language that came out of my mouth after reading this one.

    Sorry to hear this Nikki, everyone knows it's a bunch of trash and so do you.



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