Friday, 1 May 2009


Now, you musn't laugh at his body... lol. Think i need to follow everyones advice and buy the new book suggestions for making the wire and body in a beter way.
Anyway, i sat up vey late last night glueing all his hair and beard on. Then he had a little comb through but still needs a little bit of a hair cut and style.
I also need to add a bit more colour to his face and lips and deepen the wrinkles with a bit more colour.
I'm busy today washing and ironing because my husband and son patrick are awayy this weekend for a rugby tournament. But this evening when they are gone i can get on and even start making his clothes.
I think he looks a bit biblical but more than happy with him, especially that nothing has gone wrong this time.
Yesterday i gave him a collar bone but now of course it will never be sen due to the beard. Really don't know what i was thinking there... lol.
I need to add eyebrows but not sure how to do this. Should i paint them on? If anyone can offer advice on this please help. What paint would i use, how would it be best done etc. Everyone has been so helpful with my sculpting and do appreciate all help and advice.


  1. Nikki, no one is laffing xxx You have taken to sculpting like a duck to water, hes great! I paint mine on, you can chop up some hair really finely and stick it on. You will have a great time dressing him!

    I use pipe cleaners and wrap them in wadding. Some use wool as well. Its a personal preference really! You will soon find the method that works for you.

    Debie xxx

  2. Nikki he looks brilliant. Well done you.. Love the hair and the beard. Can't wait to see how you dress him. x

  3. I am not laughing :-), I am not capable to do such an amzing thing but I wish it. It is wonderful see how everyday the wizard is progressing. I love it. And I love how you sculpt.

  4. Nikki,you did well done...his hair and beard looks good,and his lips makes me want to kiss him,haha!

  5. He's looking great - you worry too much - I wish I could sculpt like that!

  6. I think he looks great- I adore his beard and mustache. I think he looks very wise!

  7. He looks great Nikki for only a second attempt. Looks like you are getting the hang of the hair thing... as for eyebrows...with the miniatures I tend to 'score' the clay lightly with a razor type tool before baking...then smooth a bt with a brush...bake...then lightly paint with the same tones as the beard...although many gray haired men have darken eyebrows...
    You can also apply finely flocked hair particles with lightly watered glue (that dries matte) with tweezers...I have done this as well.
    He is looking fine...


  8. Oh Nikki...I love him! Great job on his hair!!

  9. He is looking sooo good and i love the tonal effects of the for eyebrows i always go with what the doll suits.....usually the finer the line needed its paint and for the thicker kind i do sculpted brows or glued bits of hair.
    Really looking forward to seeing him finished:O)

  10. Wow is all I can say Nikki....he is brilliant considering you only just'll be giving the big guys some competition soon :-)

    p.s. Watch for foxglove photos on my blog today !!!!

  11. I think he looks great, Nikki! :-)

  12. Oh he is looking great nikki, definitely no laughing ! He has a lot of character and I love his hair, looking forward to seeing how you dress him,
    julie xx

  13. I was thinking exactly that, what a biblical looking fellow when i saw him .Cant wait to see him finished, will be great!
    Kate and John xx

  14. Oh my goodness it look like my Dad! ha ha! He's fab I love him! xxx

  15. Haha, yes, I own my laughter. But I'm only laughing because I thought he looked a bit like Moses from the film when I first saw the photo! Brilliant work, Nikki. Better dress the man soon before this blog becomes inappropriate for children ;)


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