Thursday, 30 April 2009

Today i've started the second wizard and i've been ever so careful this time not to make any mistakes (well maybe a few).
He's going well so far and quite pleased. I know his eyes are too big but i'm just going to carry on regardless.
I've also made his chest show the collar bone a little because i want just a glimpse of this with a little neck scarf and maybe some kind of jewel. Hopefully my idea will work but if not then it's fun learning. Had hubs strip for this section... lol, so i could see where the bones lie. Mind you being a bit on the plump side his were not that well defined. I think they will be fine though.
I've also attached his body to a wire armature and think this is right but then i'm not sure. I think this will be ok.
Hope you like him so far.
I'm fascinated now by sculpture and dolls and so so so want to get good with faces and hands. Yet still hoping and praying nothing will go wrong this time.

Picture for kim of a doll i bought for reference.
Hi Kim. I've added this onto this post for you so you can see how the doll i bought is made. Under the string that is wrapped around her arms and legs there is a thickish wire. The wire is pushed into the feet and hands and glued and then the string is wrapped round. I'm only using this doll as a reference as i work but it gives you an idea how to pose a doll. The arms and legs do bend but with this doll its just a case of bending the wire.
I would imagine there are other ways but i'm just going with instinct as i work.
The way i have made the wizard though is a little diferent and i attached his body (clay) to a wire armature. I wrapped the wire under the body with florist tape. Again i dont know if this is correct but a lot of the doll makers have told me to do this. Jodi creager told me to use white florist tape so thats what i've used.
Also, you asked about the wire. Perhaps there is a better wire to use but i've just used florist wire. Some of it comes coated and some are just the metal. I've used a green covered wire because thats all i could get at my local shops. I think if you use the lnk in my previous post about an ebay seller you can see the type of wire she sells for making dolls. This should give you a better idea.
Hope i was a little bit of help to you.


  1. He's looking good! I like the collar bone detail as well!

  2. I think he looks great- I like his eyes! Out of curiosity- do you have to use a special wire for the armature? How does it keep it's strength if a person is posing the doll? You know- like how does it not break from the posing? Is that a stupid question?
    I cannot wait to see these fellows all done!

  3. Sorry if that was being too nosy- I just keep soaking up all the new things I keep learning from everyone's blogs! I have been learning so much about making minis!

  4. Hi Ara. Glad you like him. Hoping the collar bone idea works.

    Hi Kim. I really don't know. So for the time being i'm making this wizard so that he is standing and will bend the wire on his arms when i dress him.
    I'll add a picture to this post so you can see a doll i bought for refernce. Its only a cheap doll and not brilliant but its good for learning

  5. Hes looking good so far Nikki, you have done a great job with the collar bones. Some books that might help you:
    Maureen Carlson - Fairies, gnomes and trolls,
    Katherine Dewey - sculpting lifelike figures in polymer clay this is a fantastic book and it also tells you how to make little eyes.
    Cant wait to see more of him.

    Debie xxx

  6. Oh Nikki....I love him.....and his eyes are awesome~ goes with that nose you gave him! Can't wait to see him finished! You've always made the best faces though.....glad to see 'your touch' in the dolls!!! So neat!!

  7. He is looking very good so far :0)
    like Debie I would reccommend Katherine Deweys book, its a wonderful inspiration and shows every step of dollmaking in detail, invaluable when I was starting out !
    A good strong wire to use is picture wire, you know the type for haning pictures, it is lots of thin strands twisted together and gives excellent strength. I also often use strong pipecleaners but the old fashioned ones for actually putting in pipes, not the fluffy craft ones .Looking forward to seeing this one progress,
    julie xxx

  8. Nikki he's looking great. Can't wait to see how he progresses. x

  9. Nikki, you witch is wonderful. She´s looking so kind.


  10. Nikki,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain to me- I've also jotted down the books others were talking about. I have loved minis for years and have made a few little things- but I have learned soooo much about making more and more since I started my blog and started reading everyone's blogs! I really appreciate everything I have learned- all of you are so very nice and open and sharing with your tips!!! I really think I would like to try something like this eventually. Thank you for posting the extra picture and info!!!


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