Saturday, 2 May 2009

Necklace and pendant.

This morning i've took apart a necklace i bought recently and added the tree face pendant to this. Quite pleased with it.
See, i do finish everything i start... lol.

Fairy wings.
Last night i started these fairy wings. I just couldnt resist after seeing some lovely fairy wings on everyones blogs. They will be autumn colous with gold speckles running through them. I thought i'd make them and put on ebay when i finially finish all my other work. They're meant to represent leaves.
I made them with twisted wire and tissue paper that i've strengthed with pva

Lord knows if i will finish them today. I now have 8 boys in and if they don't shut up soon i will have to chuck them all out. Thought i was going to have a nice weekend with my husband and son patrick away for the weekend. It seems i'm doomed to be annoyed by males.


  1. I like, no.... I love your tree face! :o) I can see a fashion trend starting here, Debie Lyons (Piskies & Poppets) makes the most adorable pixieface pendants using optic lenses, (and I don't 'do' cute often!) you should make more of these - they would sell well I'm sure.
    As for the boys...... try having that many girls in the house convinced they can all sing! ...ewwww, earplug time!

  2. Nikki, you've been branching out and it's obvious that your talent works on lots of levels.

  3. Love the pendant Nikki! Great work!

  4. Love it Nikki it goes great with the rest of the beads. Those wings are great too, they are very unusual I am sure someone will snap them up.

    Debie xxx

  5. Nikki I totally Love the Pendant. Sounds like your as busy as me..The Leaf wings are great and I'm sure someone would love them.. x

  6. Love the necklace, Nikki! Fantastic!

    It sounds like you need a "no boyz aloud" sign, spelled like I did when I was eight. ;-)

  7. Beautiful pendant and I love the way you did the wings, GREAT!
    * marlies


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