Sunday, 24 May 2009

New roof.

Back working on the house.
I've taken the paperclay tiles off that i started a few weeks ago and started to replace them with cardboard tiles.
I'm using the cardboard you get when you buy the strong boxes of glossy photo paper and it's about the same thickness as artists mount board so perfect for tiles.
The house has been sitting next to me as i work and i didnt want to carry on until i knew exactly what i wanted to make replacement tiles with.
Debie from Piskies and Poppets recently made a witches corner with cardboard roof tiles and i thought they looked wonderful, so had to have them for my house too.
Once the whole roof is done and the glue is dry i think i'll sand all the edges of the tiles and bash them about a bit so they look old, dirty and worn.

Can you see on the other side of the house where the roof just ends. Thats the bit i'm unsure about when i tile that roof. Where it just ends i dont know what to do with the last layer of tiles so the ending looks right.
If anyone has any suggestions i'd be happy to know. I should have planned the house better but at the time of building it just looked right.


  1. Try putting a few on with the edges cut off as well Nikki like they are broken. It looks good so far, dont roofs take ages? You could then make some tiles that are longer and scored in half along the longest edge, then these go all along the top of the roof part way up the wall to look like lead flashing. Or if you get a tube of tomato puree and cut open you will see its as golden like colour inside, this can be sanded and you could use your inks to colour it. Its a soft metal and folds easily and you can get a lead flashing effect for pennies.

    Hope this helps.

    Debie xxx

  2. Me gusta muchisimo como está quedando. El arbol es fantastico. Me encanta. Saludos. Angeles.

  3. I like Debie Lyons idea,would lookgreat. You are an amazing artist!

  4. Hey, congrats on finding good cardboard. I keep my cereal boxes to use for some of the things I want to build. I really do think I'll need some heavier stuff like foam board too. Later. Right now I am trying to build a short wall with real rocks included. What fun.

  5. Hey Nikki, a bit from my architecture background here.... if the roof tiles are supposed to be a rigid material such as ceramic or graphite or wood I would go with Debie's idea and get a long strip of metal, age it, and then wrap it to cover the tiles and then down the wall a bit... I can draw you a detail if you like. If they are to be asphalt shingles (which I doubt) you can just wrap the last layer of shingles (since they are bendy) over the ridge and down the wall. I hope I understood your question and explained clearly enough :) Lookin' great! -ara

  6. Hi Debie. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to run some creeping plants along the bit where it meets the wall so it wont be seen. It was the top roof i meant where it just suddenly meets thin air.
    But i have now found a solution to this and building another floor so the witch can have a bedroom. Then i can have window boxes.
    Quite pleased because it will make me build this new room at the top... lol
    I'll use your idea around the top window though and make some patterned trim and then rust it up.

    Hi Angeles. I have tried to work out what you have left as a comment. Is this spanish? I tried a few other languages but cant translate it.

    Hi Judy. I shall keep everything from now on. You never know how handy all junk can be.
    Look forward to seeing your wall too

    Hi Feitos. I like debbies idea too. When its all together i will pull out a few tiles and make them look broken. Thank you for your nice comment.

    Hi Ara. I always wanted to be an architect. I can draw up plans and design too but sadly my maths is the age of a 6 year old so this was always my downfall.
    I'll have to hunt out in the loft some of my work and show you a science garden i designed for children. Its circular and would be massive
    I'm a lazy miniature builder and like quick results. I tend to be a bodger and will put something infront of something rather than doing it the right way.
    Thank you for your advice too, i understand what you mean and going to use in a similar way as a detail around the window of the upstairs. I'm in the middle of building a new floor so have got round my problem of where the top roof ends and just meets thin air.
    I'll post tomorrow the new floor.
    Nikki x

  7. Geez Nik,

    Building a second floor sounds like an awfully big solution to a rather small problem.... LOL. Anyway, can't wait to see it. Besides sanding and roughing up, is there anything else you do to these tiles to finish them? I gotta tell you it's all looking fantabulous!

    ...and I think Angeles said that they very much like your project. The roof is fantastic. They are enchanted by it all... (I espanol is very rusty)

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  8. Nikki, I would love to see the garden you designed :) Please post if you come across it!! Well... that's the great thing about building something in miniature.... they don't have to be architecturally correct :) you can do whatever you want without the scary consequences! Can't wait to see the new floor! -ara

  9. Looking so great, perfectionist as always Nikki, the new roof will be great


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