Monday, 25 May 2009

New floor, magic potions and mess!

I've given up on keeping house and cleaning, washing etc. It seems to be a battle i can't win.
So instead i'm devoting my time to smaller houses and those i can control rather than the chaos i find in the big world.
Last night i put a new floor onto the witches house. It looks awful at the moment i know but i can see it finished in my head and i know all will be ok.
I won't turn it round yet and show you the back because the bedroom has a sloping floor. I need to put in this floor (lol) much to my families laughs this morning when they saw it and thought the slope was intentional... lol. As if!
They also find it amusing the witch will not be able to waer her hat because its a rather short room, but they have no imagination so not too bothered on that.
Anyway, i made the new floor with whiteboard/foam board and covered it all with Mod roc (art roc) like i did for the lower floors. I now need to render the walls surfaces, which i'll do with paperclay smeared here and there. Not in the slightest technical i know but i like this look.
I'll also need to do the stonework on all four corner of the new floor, so looks like i'll be sitting bored to tears applying squares for a few hours. Then of course more squares with the roof tiles (yawning).
This will now be one of those turn it round houses rather than all openings being on one side only. Quite like a lot of fairy houses.
I've also be taken over with potion making and have about 40 different jars on the go all of which are the new and dirty jars. Some are filled with items such as amber, feathers, fairy wings, herbs and spices,gems, berries, preserved frogs and lizards.
I've also just made these colourful jars in multi-colours. I'm not sure if i should turn them into Jelly pots or make them into a magical potion?

My husband has at long last just popped out to buy me a new washing line. This is the most excitement i'll have had all week... lol. Can't wait to see it twirl... oh lol. Mind you, it is only Monday so i live in hope!

Lastly, my room since the major change and new desk, shelves etc has now started to grow again into a major tip. I know its not too bad at the moment but its growing daily.

Oh yes, i also had a catastrophe with some of my recent sales and just as i was checking the contents of each parcel was correct i noticed some of the jars had some sort of chemical reaction. So i've spent quite a lot of time earlier this week working and working on them until they went right and trying various new products. I'm now ready to post them, but sadly it's a bank holiday and no post. So tomorrow i can finally send them a week late. I hate sending parcel late but its taken me this long to get them perfect with all my trials and errors. At least they will turn up perfect and so glad i checked them last week.


  1. Nikki, the house looks wonderful! I think that the cardboard tiles will be just right. I can't wait to see them aged and scuffed.

  2. Nikki, Love the new extension. The tiles look really good. The Rainbow Potions look fab..x

  3. It is coming long nicely. I love watching it progress.

  4. Nikki,
    I agree with loving the new extension.. It seems to be the finishing touch. I look forward to seeing the next installment of progress... I am starting to feel the need to make a mini house.. I have a larger scale house I built but after finding Casey's and your blogs and the ones I link to from both.. I need a smaller scale house. Now to start deciding which house and who will live there.
    Thanks for the nudge I needed to get me going.

  5. Hi Casey. I think once i've aged them up, cracked some and stained etc they will look better than anything i could buy. Then i'll moss them up.
    I was fed up making the paperclay ones because t took far too long. I like Quick!

    Hi Debbie. I made the rainblow ones with liquid fimo and baked at each stage. They come up nice and the liquid didn't seperate from the sides like it normally does.

    Hi Never Enough Time. It takes ages building houses. This one looks a little sad at the moment but i'm sure if i keep ignoring the housework i'll eventually get to move onto the garden and pond. So looking forward to that.

    Hi Tina. Well, what a messy extension at the moment and with the sloping floor it looks quite funny. I'm going to have a window box on the top floor with strange little flowers and things like that. I may even extend at the back so the garden is bigger and i can put stairs going upto the bedroom.
    Need to be thinking of electric now too before i move on any further.
    Will look forward to seeing what house you make and who's going in it. Make a witchy house i'd say because they're fun and you can just make it all up and build on the cheap. I dont think i've spent more than £40 so far so not bad.
    Its kind of a recycled house.
    I'm green... lol

  6. New addition looks great, Nikki! You're fast! It would've taken me a week to put that together.

  7. Wow Nikki you have been busy. That new floor on the house fits in nicely. Its going to look great when its done. The housework will always be there but making and creating is much more fun. Fingers crossed your new potions and bottles turn out ok.
    Debie xxx

  8. Love the new level, makes it look really different. i think I should follow your lead and say stuff the housework. Ive been running around like a loon tidying everything up as is half term and they seem to trash the house every day but Ive come to the conclusion I should just leave it all and do something I enjoy to keep me sane! it only ever looks tidy for the day then the next it looks like world war three's hit us so whats the point! May just tackle that ironing pile tomorrow though thats nearing the kitchen ceiling then have a break and try and get some motivation to get on with the houses! Looking at how fast you work when you just devote your day to a cause helps me loads to want to move on!! lol Kate xx

  9. are so right! Housework will ALWAYS be there...and it doesn't matter that you've just done it. It needs to be done AGAIN! Same with laundry. I've taught my TG son how to use the washing machine. If he can manage an Xbox, he can manage the washing machine, I say. He needs underwear, he knows where the laundry room is. I've even got him doing my husbands undies at the same time. I don't iron. If it has to be ironed, I don't buy it or don't wear it. My husband sent his shirts out before we were reason to stop just because I came along, right? Nikki is the fastest worker I've seen, I think, What an inspiration...LOL Tabby (aka Susan)

  10. Wow, das sieht ja wirklich interessant aus. Freu mich schon auf neue Bilder

  11. Hi Susan (Ice Queen). Its not that i'm fast but the materials i used are what makes it fast. I dotn think you could work this fast on nice houses, but witchy means quick... lol.

    Hi Debie. Glad you like it so far. Looks awful at the moment though.
    Your mad scientist corner is fab. If anyone hasn't seen it pop over to Debies blog.

    Hi Susan. Men and washing never happens in my house. Neither does men and housework. I do everything, all the gardening, DIY, all the housework and washing etc.
    I have tried upon try to make them all do a fair share but it never works.
    I'd gladly sit back and let them all do everything but they all wait for me.

    Hi Thomi. Glad you like it so far. Thank you for the nice comment.

    Nikki x

  12. Hi Nikki, Its look fab! I am mnost jealous ha ha! As for a mess your work area is very tidy compaired to mine ha ha!You should see my front room after the bank holiday weekend look like a bomb has gone off and where all the crumbs have come from I just don't know???? As for house work just limit it to a couple of times a week and spent the rest enjoying yourself. Saves on the enviroment! Less hoovering more dust thats what I say ha ha!

  13. Hi Kat. If i did housework just a few times a week i'd spend about 6 hours each time, probably more. I can tidy in the morning and clean from top to bottom and by evening it looks like i havnt done so for a week.
    I'm afraid boys bring in more boys and together they make more dirt that you could imagine.
    Yesterday there were 12 in total and i was still up at 2am tidying. I had a lie in this morning.
    I realised quite some time ago i've lost the battle... lol.
    I love your new brooms and i was going to put them here for everyone to see, then when i checked on ebay they had all aready sold.
    Copy and paste the wizard to email to your mum. He looks like my step dad too!
    Nikki x


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