Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Don't forget the witch!

Don't forget Debie Lyons Alice Greenthumb Witch ends in 18 hours on ebay.
She's a brilliant witch and comes with mandrakes, mushrooms, burdock root and pumpkins.

And check out this fab scene also made by Debie. Its just fantastic isn't it! Heres a link for a further nose: Piskies and Poppets

Here's the house a little further along. Where the roof tiles end i'll edge all the way round with wood. Its taking ages and i want it finished.


  1. The house is looking great. I really do like the second story room.

  2. I love watching your progress.

  3. Nikki thank you so much for everything, you have been totally amazing since I started blogging. ((((((((( Hugs ))))))))))
    Your house is really coming along now, I am sure it wont be long before you have finished it.
    (((( hugs ))))))) again :O)
    Debie xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Isnt she amazing, wonderful witch, but what will become of the wonderful setting when shes sold! Or will another witch move in! House is looking great Nikki, we really like the 2 storeys, never seen one like it! Great progress. Kate and John xx

  5. Love the little Cottage Nikki. Its looking great. Hurry up and get it finished... LOL


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