Saturday, 2 May 2009

Fairy wings complete.

Yipee, i've finished two things today, now i need in a second to go and make it three.
Grrrrrrr, have to make tea first though! I'm not even hungry one bit.

Just had a thought though, not totally happy with the edges of each wing and will make them look more decayed. That won't take long so will still say these are finished.

The fairy wings have gold highlights and then a nice wash of gold over. Sadly i can't get this to fully show in the picture. I'll need to work out the best way to show the gold.

I havn't had time yet to answer everyones comments from my previous post, but will do so when i have the time. I hate to be rude and always appreciate everyones comments. I also need to find time to visit everyones wonderful blogs.

Update on the Wizard - Yesterday i actually went out. Now don't faint because its not something i often do and opt to send my husband on all errands instead.
Anyway, i went to the material shop and found lots of lovely fabrics, strings and bits and bobs to drss the wizard. I now have enough material to dress an army of magical folk so it looks like i'll be making more.


  1. Will you show us the fabrics you bought after you've dealt with tea?

    I would say you are welcome to come hide with me in the man free house, but I'm a bit out of your way. ;-)

  2. Nikki the wings look Fantastic. x

  3. Love the wings. I like that you made them look natural instead of something from a dollar store. I would love to make wings as well. Need to learn other things first.

  4. I really like what you have done here with the wings.....has a very natural woodland feel to them.....really like them a lot

  5. I like what you have done with them too, very earthy! Much more like how I imagine wings to be like xxx

    Debie xxx

  6. I agree with Debit - those wings are the sort I like - probably because I don't 'do' glitzy!

  7. Hey I think the wings look much like leaves, good job!
    what solution% of glue did you use on the tissue paper?

    I found a link about those mini doll push molds I was talking about in my last/first post, it's here

    on a mini blog/tutorial that is an interesting read too,

    I've been looking round your fav websites and LOVE the Wright Guide Miniatures, makes me want to do something in 1:12 scale! (I'm a 1:24er)

    also wanted to say that your second wizard's hair is fantastic, did you glue it directly to the head? and if so how did you avoid getting it all gummy?

    from Silk

  8. Great wings Nikki! I think you should try and make some sort of forest fae to put these on now. (or add to your ever growing 'to-do' list!)

  9. Hi MiniKat. I'll show the fabrics in a few days when i start putting the wizards clothes together.
    Thank you... lol, for the kind offer of a female hideout.

    Hi Debbie (the one from wales... lol).
    Glad you like them.

    Hi Judy C. Glad you like them. I prefer things more natural looking although i can do glitzy too.
    You should give wings like this a try. They really are easy to make.

    Hi Julie. I love woodland colours so i suppose they had to go along my lines of colour. Mind you, my favourite colour is purple and never make anything in that colour.

    Hi Debie Lyons. Yes i love earthy and glad you like them. I just couldnt resist making them once i had the idea. Making a chicken coop today and can you believe its almost done... lol.

    Hi Mags. I'm pleased you like them. I do prefer natural although like glitzy too at times.

    Hi Silke J. I used neat pva to stick the wire to the tissue. Once it was dry i cut the leaf out. Then on the backside i used watered down pva and stippled so the tissue would shrivel a little and show the wires on that side.
    Once that was dry i gave it 3 coats of pva and its come up really strong. Then used acrylic paints.
    Hope that wa sof some help.

    Hi Wendie. I might make some sort of fairy but for now when i have lots of things made i'll list these on ebay as a trial. I'd like to make them in the furture for sale in all colours and various forms of fairy leaf wings.
    I'll use these to see what kind of interst such things will get and see how well they sell.
    If its good then i'll make up lots more.
    Well thats my plan, but my plans never actually work... lol

    Thanks all... Nikki

  10. I love the wings! Verry beautiful!
    I'm curious what you bought for the wizzard.
    * marlies


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