Friday, 8 May 2009

It's gone wonky!

A few days ago i did a swap with Debie from Piskies and Poppets. My parcel arrived safely with Debie on Wednesday and yesterday the wonderful parcel debie sent arrived.
I love getting parcels and always look forward to them.
I will take some photos of what Debie sent tomorrow because the light is so bad here today my pictures won't do everything justice. But all i can say is it was like christmas morning as a child. Everything is so beautiful and i'm now totally inspired to make lots of new miniatures.
Not often are people as generous as Debie has been and i'm ever so thankful for all the wondeful goodies. Will post all about the swap fully tomorrow.

Anyway, tucked in the parcel was a fab bottle that Debbie made and uses as props for her dolls. Well being me i was so intrigued as to how it was made. I kind of guessed but after emailing Debie she let me know how she gets the wonderful aged look to her bottles and the lovely colours. So i've ordered the correct ink to enable me to colour all the bottles you can see i've been busy making since last night.
Some of the bottles don't stand and will be for hanging from witch and wizards waists or from racks.
As you can see many of them are wonky but this is what i want... lol.

The large one which is too big for 1:12th i've made a twisted neck for and making as a present for Kat the Hat. The glass bauble was also sent by Debie.
A little while back Kat mentioned she is making potion bottles for her window ledge hence why i'm making it so big. If you are reading this Kat this is why i'm now late again sending your parcel.

Excuse my waffling and probably saying everything twice today. In a mad rush because the kids will all walk through the door any second.

Top pictures shows the bottle Debie sent and the bottom pictures shwos the bottles i'm working on. They will have string and beads tied to them too!


  1. what a clever idea! Those look so fun to make, guess I'll have to try a few also. Never would've thought of that! Thanks to you both for the inspiration!

  2. YAY Nikki, you have been busy and it was my pleasure. Tip : if you fun the bottoms of the bottles on sand paper it will take off the bumps and they will stand.
    Looking good.
    Mini Hugs
    Debie xxx

  3. *run the bottoms not fun LOL

  4. Wow did you make your own bottles or are they glass bottles that youve added polymer to to make different tops? Love them, will look really cool in a potion room!

  5. Very Clever Idea by Debie. I think I've worked out how you've done them Nikki, they look really good..

  6. This is awesome! Are the bases marbles? I am thinking I might need to make some bottles for my flower shop this weekend!

  7. I wondered how long it would take everyone to guess. Yes, some of them are marbles, some are beads and some are translucent fimo balls. I just need to stain them, add a bit of sparkle, string and beads etc now.
    Not as easy to make as they look but not too difficult.

  8. These look fantastic and what a clever idea!

  9. Brilliant, and will save you lots of money on buying glassware from now on Nikki, love the one with the trirly top! Xx

  10. Forgot to say, what a great way to fill shelves, our potion room will need loads of bottles and jars filling the shelves to the brim and what a great cheap idea for doing so! thanks for the tips Nikki xx

  11. Not too cheap... lol. I used prosculpt to make most of them and of course the time it takes, the inks that are needed (plus the postage) and the oven that does the baking, not to mention the time on my ageing eyes, the baldes that deblunt just looking at them and lots of expensive tools for shaping.

  12. he he Ill just cheat though Nikki, with a cheap bag of marbles, and some fimo and acrylic paint, all going at the back of the shelves so wont matter they arnt great ones like yours will be lol xx

  13. Wow thank you corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Cannot wait now how fab!I really must find more time to visit your blog page I keep missing out on what you and everyone else are up too! xxx


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