Wednesday, 6 May 2009

This evening i'm finally listing a few things on ebay between 8pm and 8.30 pm.
I think from now on i'll list every few days, rather than every now and again in bulk. You can find my ebay link at the side under my photo.
All the listing this evening are auction but i will shortly be listig sweets and other miniatures as buy it now.
It's not shown here but there is also a wizard staff and a few other potions.
I love the fairy wings best and really enjoyed making them. I made the smaller pair with wire, viscose and metalic paint. I discovered if you glue the wire to viscose you can burn the edge of the viscose material with a lighter to the shape you need.
Works ever so well and quite pleased with them.


  1. It all looks wonderful Nikki, hope you get loads of bids.. x

  2. everything looks great! Especially the wings are beautiful! I bet they'll go fast!

  3. Verry beautiful things you are selling, I love those beautiful jars!
    * marlies

  4. Gorgeous new items nikki, hope to be lucky enough to win something one day!! Kate and John xx

  5. You are right to be proud, everything is so nice. I wish you good biddings

  6. Good luck for your auctions Nikki, I hope they go really well.

    Debie xxx

  7. I love those new wings! good luck with the auctions - you won't need it though as Im sure you will get loads of bids.
    I've left an award for you on my blog - I really enjoy coming here for a read :o)

  8. Oh i have just left you one is just such a wonderful cheerful blog to visit


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