Sunday, 17 May 2009

New items... a little peep!

Old and dirty and well used look... lol

Here's a little peep at some new items i have going on ebay this evening.
The aged dirty jars are something i've been thinking of making for quite some time.
I've been wondering how to do this until debie from piskies and poppets introduced me to a wonderful product. So pleased i can now do this and plan to make lots more with various fillings.
As posted earlier will be listed from 8pm onwards this evening. I think by 8.30pm the scheduled listings will end. My ebay link can be found on the side bar.
Plus others to be listed tomorrow evening (Monday)at the same time.


  1. They are so cute. I am planning to make a witch and I'll bet I can use a jar for her. When I get it going I'll send a pic. Then you can tell me how to make a jar. Any sort of jar.

  2. Love them Nikki your work just gets better and better. Have put the photo of the jars plus a link on my blog page xx

  3. Love the new items Nikki.. x

  4. Wonderful as always Nikki, another late night for the kiddies as we steal into the bedroom to check out the items non the computer going on tonight! Theres always an argument over who reads to them and who gets to check out the new listings he he Kate and John xx

  5. Good Grief! Do you never sleep? I am amazed at how quickly and effortlessly you seem to toss all these new things together. These are just too sweet.

  6. Hi Judy. Would be a pleasure. I'm sorting out the hair i promised you and some other bits. I'm waiting for my sister to visit and bring me some other little bits and then i will post to you. Sorry i didnt get in touch with you. I have a terrible memory.

    Thank you Kat, and thank you also for putting me on your blog.

    Hi Debbie. Glad you like them. Its funny how all of a sudden your mind just get filled with loads of new ideas. My head is bursting with them... lol

    Hi Kate and John. Sweet paprents reading to them. An late night at this time... lol. My kids when they were younger thought this time was still the afternoon and were up with the owls like me. I'm a night owl by the way.

    Hi Susan. I can sit at my desks for weks and not make anything, then all of a sudden it happens and i start, get on with and actually finish things. I must be connected to the moon or something because i seem to follow a pattern with making things.

    Nikki x

  7. Hi again Susan. I sleep for about 6 hours on average. But at the weekend i sleep for 12

  8. All lovely.
    Did you use alchohol inks on these?
    I've been wanting to try that myself.

  9. I love the old stained glass! think they might be a 'must have'...... I do the creating in waves thing too, busy busy for a fortnight, sit about feeling pleased with myself for a week, then feel guilty for not doing anything and procrastinate for a bit and back to the beginning for another cycle..... you are not alone, not sure where I am at the moment though as Im too tired to work it out LOL

  10. Hi Susanna. If you email me at i can tell you how i made them. Plus give links and things like that.
    Glad you like them.


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