Sunday, 10 May 2009

Can anyone help!

Update - Manged to find one. Thanks to Marlies for searching and finding one for me.

Quite a long time ago i sent lots of witch and wizard images to many of my customers and friends so they could use them in their projetcs.
In particular one of the images is of a unicorn in black and white and i used it for my unicorn potion boards and jars.
I need to finish some boards for my friend Doreen so she can send them to one of her customers but can't complete them without the image.
Here's a picture of what i mean. I've had to crop this and its not too clear but you can see what i mean.
If anyone still has this on their comp could you email it to me. My email is showing on my sidebar next to my photo.
I lost most of my images and many of my saves files a little while back when the main computer went pop and wasn't able to rescue all of them.
If nobody has it then i will find an alternative. I just loved this image because it worked so well.
Thanks if you can help.


  1. If you do not find it, there is one on google that looks "almost" the same, on the second page.
    * marlies

  2. Glad I could help!
    * marlies

  3. Hi Nikki, I found your label will email it to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :-D

  4. Hi Nikki,I love your blog and all the beautiful mini's you make.That is why I want to give you an award,so please come and pick it up!


  5. Hope you got the labels ok if not let me know and I'll email them again

  6. Hi Sabiha. Thank you for the award and its much appreciated. Its now my third in the last week and i still need to award to another 3 people. I will do this later in the week.
    Hi Kat. Thank you for sending to me again. Its twie now you have come to my rescue and my lack of saving images and files etc. I should really get myself in gear and sort this out.
    Hi Marlies. Thank you for looking and all your help. He's a fab unicorn and comes up in wonderful detail when reduced down.


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