Wednesday, 27 May 2009

For Judy - Fairy House by Penny Thompon.

Judy from Just Another Day on Earth is planning on making a house from natural materials.
I've shown this house before but thought i would show again for Judy. Its beautiful and has been made by Penny Thompson. Its been made with various natural materials too.
I've seen this house at a few shows and each time i love to make this my first call of the day. The last show i went to at kensington Penny had added more features and made little scenes for tiny fairies and little people in all the little nooks and crannies.
The pictures are not showing the new potions, and fairy scenes but hopefully she will update the site for us all to see.
Here is a link to Penny Thompsons Website
And here is a direct link to the page with this house
Heres a pictures of a beautiful scene also made by Penny. I thought Debie would like these.


  1. Beautiful work...thanks for showing us.

    I love the bottom scene...the guy reminds me of the old sailors you see in Devon / Cornwall etc :-)

  2. I love that Fairy House, having seen it a Miniaturia, the pictures really don't convey how beautiful it really is. I hope she puts some new photo's up of all the extra details she's added..And I hope lots of others get the opportunity to see it.
    Thanks for sharing this again Nikki...x

  3. That is the coolest fairy house I ever saw
    thanks for sharing
    Kaerie Faerie

  4. I saw this too at Miniatura and it was a really special house! thanx for showing it again Nikki, I for one would never be bored looking at this as its stunning.

  5. I do like them Nikki thank you for sharing xxx I saw the house at Miniatura too. I like the rustic look, she makes her dolls from paper clay, they are so delicate and dinky.
    Debie xxx

  6. I do think you must be a terrific person. Thanks for showing me the house. It looks like a place I would like to live. Why be normal when you can live in a place like that. But it may be a lot above my skill level at the moment. Thanks again.

  7. Oh! This is so wonderful! Thanks so much for showing it again! I must have missed it the first time! I love fairy houses! You are so lucky to have so many miniature shows over there! Our country is so huge it is almost impossible to get to the shows. I will be lucky if I ever get to one in my lifetime.


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