Friday, 29 May 2009

Ebay Listing - Potions and chicken

Use your imagination on this one but i had to share with you. This is a chicken leg skin and i thought it would make a brilliant rug for a witch. What do you think?
I shall pop this on ebay Sunday.

On Sunday evening from 8pm onwards i'll be lisitng quite a few auction items. These will mostly be potions like what is showing here. Quite a lot of what's showing here will be kept for my witches cottage, but in amongst them there are fairy wings, feathers, gems, berries, petals, feathers, bones, and plant cuttings.
I'll also be listing some glass which are my own designs. I'll be doing these empty sets as buy it now and there should be around 10 sets of these mixed bottles and jars.
My ebay link can be found on my side bar under my photo.
Don't Forget my friend Debie Lyons Mad Marvin is currently on ebay and the auctions end
Sunday 8pm (UK time). Here's the link: Mad Marvin
Here's a link to Debies blog Piskies and Poppets


  1. Those fairy wings in the bottle are too cute!!!

  2. Yeah!!! New bottles ... and some auctions on ebay. I´m so happy about this news!!! I love your work, Nikki!!!

    :o)) Lotti

  3. Awesome bottles, Nikki!

    Also, I've tagged you! Visit my blog for details:

  4. Bless you and thank you Nikki, I will do the same for you tomorrow. They are looking good.
    Debie xxx

  5. OOOHHHH I could not believe my yes when I saw the wings in the bottle. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.

  6. I love your little bottles full of "stuff" but all I can say about the chicken skin is.....ew. lol. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Debie that Marvin does at least as well as the previous witch. He's very cool!

    Susan (aka Tabitha)

  7. Hi Katie. Glad you like the wing jars. I'd like to make a variety of fairy based jars but can't think what to do past wings... lol. I think i also want to make a fairiy house and have started collecting wood and things in perparation.

    Hi Lotti. Lol at the bottles. Thank you for the nice comment. There will be quite a mixture so i'm sure there will be something you like.#

    Hi Mary. I really like them too. I want to kep them all for myself. They loo great when i put them in the witches house.

    Hi Rosanna. Lol at fairies. It would be nice if everyone believed. Those wings are proof!

    Hi Susan (icequeen). The chicken skin looks like a strange animal skin and although it's a weird item its brill.
    Did you not play with chicken legs as a child and pull the tendons? These were wonderful in my memories to play out with. All the kids wanted one... lol Of course each time the tendon was pulled everyone would scream... lol.

  8. Nikki....every thing looks fab but a real chicken That grosses me out so much....and no I didn't play with chicken legs as a child :-)

    I can't even eat any meat that has bones in it...I wont eat chops, chicken legs, ribs or anything like that..too neanderthal for my liking.

    I have to say it looks absolutely amazing and real....but duh...of course it looks is.

    Will it smell or decay or do you preserve it ?

    Seriously I can't stop laughing at it yet am strangely fascinated by it :-)

    I have seen minis made from trash but this one takes the biscuit...I have to email this post to Mick...he'll never believe me.

  9. Its just like leather and smells like leather too. It bends like leather and acts like leather... lol. You would think it was leather, but no, it's chicken skin. My kids thought it was lizard or crododile skin.
    I have searched high and low for more of this but can't find any, ebay is all out... lol.
    I bought it from an italian lady so it must be from an italian chicken. Well i think she was Italian anyway.
    Imagine not playing with chicken legs as a child. They were really the in thing in my street. I remeber siting plucking chickens and being desperate to get to the part of cutting the legs so i could fill my bag to take them out for friends. Everyone loved them and they kept us busy for hours or until they went bad.
    As for bones, i dont do them either apart from lamb chops.
    At least i made you laugh... oh lol.
    They really are lovely and had quite a bit of interest since i showed them. Mostly because nobody believes you can get leather from chickens.

  10. had me rolling about :-)

    I thought you had skinned it yourself and had visions of you in the kitchen making piles...this pile to eat, this pile to throw out, this pile to turn into minis lol.

    And of course it is leather...duh...that makes it sound a little less gross.

    I wouldn't even pull the wishbone of a chicken as a kid because it'd have bits of 'stuff' left on it.

    Whenever we prepare meat Mick points out what the veins, tendons and muscles etc are because he knows it does my head in.

    I could so easily become a vegetarian lol. I will eat meat but it has to look nothing like an animal before I'll touch it...and forget eating things like shrimps and do people eat something that looks them in the eye as they put it in their mouth !

  11. Lol, i hate prawns too. Its like eating snails and slugs and beetles with their shells. My son Niall loves anything like this and he loves cockle sheds and eating them on seafronts... yuck! We have a place like this near us and i call it the slug and snail restaurant. But all the older people can't get enough (and Niall).
    Nope, i didn't make the chicken skin. I'd have been sick doing so. But it is fascinating.
    Imagine having piles in the kitchen of what to eat, what to chuck and what to turn into miniature, oh lol you really are mad but have made me laugh.
    I liked the wishbone and devised a way to always get the wish. Being a big mouth i couldnt keep the wish to myself and so it never came true.
    Oh lord, have you seen the time. I've been engrossed in sticking tiles to my witches potting scene for the past few hours. Thought it was only 11.

  12. OMG I must of been in a bubble when I read this post last and missed the chicken skin rug LOL It looks quite cool and I am sure it will get snapped up. Wizard making an appearance either late today or early tomorrow and he might have an apprentice :O).
    Hope you have had a lie in today Nikki your going to be shattered.
    Debie xxx

  13. Wow love the jars! Chicken skin is cool too!

  14. Hi Nikki,I have the same chicken skin and I also use it as a rug,it looks like a crocodile skin so perfect for a beautiful rug! The jars are beautiful,I love it!


  15. Nikki, I somehow missed the chicken leather the other day. The first thing I thought was the same as Sabiha, crock skin. I wonder if you could add some kind of head to the right end in the photo? It seems like it could almost be made into a dragon rug......


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