Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Break from house!

Going to have a break from the house for a week or so and get on with some actual work.
Mind you, it's the school holidays so doubt i'll get much done.
Anyway here's the house which doesn't look like much has been done since the last post.
I've been rendering all the walls in prep for the painitng and making sure no joins are showing. It shouldn't be time consuming but i've spent several hours doing so.


  1. You've done quite a lot Nikki. Its really coming along. x

  2. It is time consuming but seems to grow so well. Happy break

  3. Just getting the shingles as far as you have is great... I say bravo on that! I am not looking forward to my million-shingle job coming up!!! -ara

  4. What is wrong with the work you've done? Houses aren't built in a day you know.

  5. looks amazing. I LOVE the way you did the roof tiles.

    Is it holding up Ok with the foam core...even with the pinning I can never get that to work :-(

  6. Can really see it coming to life, great to see all the stages, roof looks so good Kate xx

  7. Very cool so far, can't wait to see more!!! I really enjoyed visiting your blog, great stuff!!


  8. It's really looking good Nikki!! I love the roof! lol...Ya, you don't realize how time consuming it is, till your the one doing all the work, haha.....but it's so worth it in the end! Can't wait to see how you finish this little house!


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