Saturday, 30 May 2009

Potting Corner.

I'm working on the witches potting corner again and i've decided i'll put this on ebay once complete. Should be mid week.
I need to work on the roof tiles again because i'm not happy with them and then move onto finishing the mushroom trays, plants, bulbs, pumpkins etc. Will also try and squeeze a little bird house in somewhere.
I love the green from the tap drip best so far.


  1. Its fab Nikki, love the green and mossy effect too, look foreward to seeing it finished in its full glory. Too hot for minis today, last weekend before back to school so making the most of it with the children.

  2. The colors are great, can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. I just love these little "put-about" things. (Debie had a cool one also.) Is it paperclay? Very nicely done. Yeah, the faucet drip is great. The nicest thing about something like this is that is takes up little room. The only drawback is that you need to put it under a glass to keep the dust away. But I like them anyway.

    Susan (aka Tabitha)

  4. Wow Niki! thats great damp/mould/green stuff indeed! I would love to do that effect in my skool of majick somewhere, you are so clever :o)

  5. Hi Kate and John. Glad you both like it so far.
    As for, one is fishing, one is out playing with loads of grotty and loud friends after i chucked them all out (3 hours of them all was enough), and the other is writing a programme on his comp. Hubs is fishing too so i'm all on my own pottering, washing, cleaning and mini making.
    You sound like really nice patient parents. All i ever end up with is everyone else children which drives me mad.

    Hi Judy. I cant wait either. Why do things take so long.

    Hi IceQueen (susan0. I made the base from wood, whiteboards, modroc, tissue, pva and paperclay.
    Then just painted.
    I find these kind of things look nice with a bit of dust.. lol

    Hi Wendie. Its ever to easy to get this effect.
    If you want me to tell you how just email me and i'll send you all the info.
    All you need is 3 brushes and 2 colours of paint.

  6. Beautifully done,Nikki!I love the whole thing! 3 brushes and 2 colors of paint? WoW!

  7. Nikki, I am sure this will get snapped up on ebay if you decide to put it on. Its wonderful. Cant wait to see the additions.
    Debie xxxxx

  8. It's beautiful, Nikki - I love the mouldy look especially under the tap.

  9.'ve added some things! This is a wonderful little piece, Nikki. And you done a great job on it. I'd think it will do quite well at auction.

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  10. I love the colors Nikki...Sorry I love everything I can't wait to see it finished?



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