Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Great link and wonderful ideas.

I found this website today and thought it could be useful not only for people that make cards/scrapbooks but also for people that make miniatures, and in particular witch and wizard miniatures.
Theres a fabulous tutorial on knotwork which could be applied to miniatures,
Alongside this the lady shows you how to get metal effects, work with fibres and film, creat altered art, and much much more.
Much of these techniques could be applied to all manner of miniatures, such as wall surfaces, floors, furniture, windows, books, scrolls, fashion and so on and so on.
Check it out... simply fantastic and so clever.
I'm busy today finishing some work for my friend and also trying to get some things ready for ebay. Tomorrow i have all the washing to look forward to.
Then on Friday i'm going to the Kensington Dolls House show and so looking forward to that.
Last time i went on the tube and trains you will remember i got stuck everywhere because of my knee, lost my bag and arrived home in lots of pain and tears... Lol.
This time i hope my knee manages all those stairs.
Plus remember i didnt have my glasses and couldnt see the tube maps and again had to seek help... oh lol. Well this time i'm well equiped and have my super all seeing new glasses so wont miss a thing. So all the seeing people this time can be left alone and i'll know where i'm going without help.
I have to laugh... else i would cry, Lol!

Oh yes, do you like my cute little witch at the side. I can't get the top of the page to look right, but it will have to do with my lack of techno knowledge.
I think i prefer it and think she would make a fabulous doll. If you look at her she would be lovely to sculpt and her dress is pretty in a witch way.
I've not seen anyone sculpt faces like the little witch and think she could be interesting.
Also not being that much of a whiz kid i've also managed to make an ebay link that stands out. Somehow and like magic and i dont really remember how i brought the ebay image to this page. Simply amazing... lol.

Im my quest for learning how to dress the wizard i've been sculpting, does anyone have any good link tutorials for making shoes and boots.
Plus also any tutorial links for making clothes, robes and underwear etc.
I know these links would help others too that are just learning to sculpt and dress dolls. I'd love to make some curly toed leather boots with laces.
Yesterday i managed to make a dragon skin handbag (like you do) and not that i love sewing, but the time sewing was quite enjoyable. I need to make a dragon eye for the clasp and then i can show my first attempts.
I won't sell it because it has a few faults. I have just the person in mind for this one as a gift. Hmmmm, i wonder who it could be? You will have to wait for the postman.

Here is the link to the blog background i have and also to some other beautiful titles and backgrounds too. The lady doesnt have many but they are all very pretty.


  1. Nikki,

    I LOVE the witch background-so very cute and I am very excited to explore the link you posted. I do all sorts of crafts besides dollhouse minis and I think I will find this info very very helpful! Hope your time at the show goes much better this year- how fun- can't wait to hear about it and I really can't wait to see the purse with the dragon eye clasp!

  2. Nikki, what an amazing website thanks for sharing!
    We love the new page, its very 'you', the little witch is perfect.
    I will look out for some tutorials for you when I get a chance , I think the way Marsha from Sassy dolls adds the fimo to the end of normal shoes is great for an easy wizard shoe option. Looking forward so much to seeing your miniatures on ebay, and of course to seeing your first sculpture, just know he will be amazing faults and all ( but then you are probably the only one that will notice any little faults, we would all be just oohing and ahhing at him in awe!!) love Kate and John xx

  3. Nikki, the web site is so fascinating. I put it in my favorites so I can devour it again. Thanks to you, I am moving along on the sculpting. The shoes and boots I have seen have all been clay, can't help you there. Have a good time at the show. Let's see some pics.

  4. Nikki I really like the new background..

  5. Lovely litte witch and nice background. I wish you will have lot of fun at the fair.I could be a little envious. Last year I had to come, everything was settled down, I bought the flight tickets in December to be sure! I had an accomodation to a friend's house in Kensington. It was perfect but... the very day of the flight, it was saturday there was so much wind in Genoa that NO planes could land or leave. Therefore no Kensington at all. I should have cried. May be I shall manage to come in 2010.

  6. I love the new background Nikki. Oooooh Kensington you lucky thing, I hope it goes smoothly for you :O). Thank you for the link its great, I have been an altered art fan for a while (another hobby LOL). As for clothing the dolls, I make my own patterns and adapt patterns from books. Try making an outfit in some cheap material first and fitting it to the doll, this way you can work out the sticking points and you dont waste any good fabric. Sorry if thats a bit vague, its a shame you dont live closer, its easier to explain some things in the flesh.
    Expecting lots of feedback on Kensington :O)

    Debie xxx

  7. I love your new look, that is a wonderful illustration. Thanks for sharing the link for the web site for scrapcards, there are some great ideas there.

    Mini Hugs, Jean

  8. Oh love the new blog look....take care at or should that be getting too Ken and have a great time when your there.....would have love to have gone....hoping to get to the xmas one though.
    On tutorials.....m sorry can't help out as im still learning the hand on way myself......would be nice to find a few more books but i think if you have the basic skills you find your own way...bit like sculpting but not...if you see what i mean....sorry im waffling been up all night with puters........say no!! Oh just a mo....i know some use kitchen towel to make patterns before they use Debie says its hard to explain ....think i need sleep:O)

  9. Hi Kim. Glad you like the background and will show the bag when complete. It just needs the clasp button dragon eye.
    I can't take pics in shows but will tell everyone al about it.

    Hi Kate and John. Glad the website was of use. I know it was more arty but thought it would be great for the kind of minis we make.
    I think i have worked out in my head how to make leather shoes/boots and will make some n paper as a tesre when i can find the time.

    Hi Judy C. Glad it was of use to you. Looking forward also to your sculpts.
    If i work out how to make shoes and boots i will let you know with pics.

    Hi Rosanna. What a sad day it was for you when the winds were going mad. I always think everything is for a reason. I hope you manage to get to the christmas show and if so let me know and we can meet each other there. That would be lovely.

    Ho Debbie. Glad you like it. Bit short i know... Lol.

    Hi Debie Lyons. I know what you mean and i will make everything out of scrap first. I've made loads of full sized clothes in the past but making in miniatures scare me a little and somehow think it will all not go to plan.

    Hi Jean Day. I thought it was a fa site and glad it is of use to you.

    Hi Julie. Yes, i think you are really tired and need a goo nights slep and then a lie in. Imagine staying up all nite with your comp... lol.
    Mind you, staying up late is what i'm really bad for and should twittr with the owls.
    I will make some basic outfits first with scrap material and work it all out. Its mostly the underwar i'm a bit worried about and what a wizard should be wearing under his robes... oh lol.
    Hope you feel better after your sleep.

    Nikki x

  10. See, must be tired with all mytyping errors... Lol.
    I wish i could type!


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