Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Making sweets.

As you are all quite aware i now have a 3 houses, a garden potting shed scene, brooms and brushes, looking glass, 2 sculptures, potions, plates, pots and an ever ending list of miniatures on the go. All of which are half done... lol.
So what have i done about this? Nothing, other than start a batch of sweets and some potion ingredients for jars etc.
I have to laugh and i suppose its a good thing to have so much on the go. Having so much means that eventualy i will get them all finished and ready for sale.
There are other bits and bobs i've not show or forgottn about also on the go and oh lol if i didnt laugh i would cry... lol.
So today my plan was to get on with it, work fast, turn the computer off, dont answer the phone, nor the door. To ignore the washing pile and forget about the hoovering and just sit at the desk and work, work, work.
Well, that was the plan, but as usual the door knocked. Pats my thirteen year old came home early on a half day, hubs came in early, the door knocked and in they came and so far i've spent quite a bit of time on the phone and emailing, researching and doing the washing, hoovering and a spot of cooking.
But here's some sweets i've put in jars today to have a nose at. They need the witchy/wizard labels stuck on and perhaps a little more of something magical.
I'm also making the wooden counter you can see into a witchy/wizard sweet counter.
I don't know how other people make so many miniatures and how they juggle all that comes their way on a daily basis. I just don't seem to get anywhere.
In my head i have all these wonderful plans of action on achieving it all, i set up the day so i have 3 or 4 hours to work, i plan ahead and schedule everything like i'm in the millitary but still it keeps going wrong.
On a happier note i started another sculpt last night. A little goblin was in my head and couldn't wait to get him started. He was going ever so well then i made a mistake, grew tired (it was late) and suddenly he was a right mess and so rolled him back up into a ball to start again another day.


  1. The sweets look great. Love the eyeballs!

  2. Your jars are beautiful.Do not think you are the only one whose time is flying away. I go out home at 8 am, get back around 3 pm, then I do the houseworks, go foodshopping, cook a dinner and, IF I'm lucky, at the end I can seat at my table. We simply need a 36 hours day!

  3. Lovely littel counter Nikki, and great eyeballs did you make a cane for those, really clever. Love them all. Good luck with your next sculpt
    Kate and John

  4. LOL Nikki we was on the phone for over an hour today. The Eyeball Lollies are great, I best have a go at them..Now where's that clay..

  5. Nikki those sweeties are great! And so are those eyeballs, have you thought about trying them in your sculpts? I know how you feel about fitting things in and having all sorts of ideas but not enough hours in the day to make them real. I have 5 dolls to dress and ended up messing with black mohair for dolls hair for two days LOL Displacement Goblins are real yah know! Cant wait to see the next batch of stuff.
    Debie xxx

  6. Nikki, love the sweets they look wonderful in the new glass. Looking forward to seeing what your goblin looks like. I am working on a little grandfather clock out of wood I picked up, putting a face, arms and feet on him. He is starting to come to life. Will start on hands this evening.
    Take care, Lisa

  7. Nikki, I think you do a fab job! Not easy juggling children, house work, husband and everything else so don't give yourself a hard time. Your work is inspiring and very beautiful and so are you so don't worry if you only manage 20 mins of miniature making its 20 mins worth doing! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I am soooo jealous of your talent!!!!

  9. They are wonderful your spooky sweets ;O).

  10. Nikki sweets are perfect. I admire you, I try every day to do my work and if only devote one hour to the thumbnails, but when I finish all my work, I am so exhausted that I say miniatures? ¡¡¡morning and does not progress well, we both enjoy watching your work. Congratulations, and wishing to see the puck. Kisses

  11. Hi, those jars are just wonderful!!!!!!!

  12. Hello! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your work! I'm into crafting as well, and I too have about 1000 projects in the works =) Hope you're having a great day!

  13. Hi MiniKat. Glad you like them. I like making sweets but they can get quite tedious so having a break from them today.

    Hi Rosanna. Sounds like you have a very busy day and i dont know how you find the time for your miniatures. Its a shame we have to cook shop and wash clothes. Without all of these we could just make all the time. I reckon instead of 36 hours we need 48 in one day.

    Hi Kate and John. Glad you like the counter so far. I will let everyone know where i go those canes from when i can. They are fab though.

    Debbie. Oh lol. Was it that long?

    Hi Debie. I too dont know where the time goes and i do much the same kind of thing as you. When something needs to be finished i tend to be faffing with something else and wasting time... lol. Mind you its happy wasted time.

    Hi Lisa. Sounds fantastic what you are making. I can't wait to see. Please, please, please start a blog so we can see as you make.
    I gave up on the gobln and have moved back onto the new wizard.

    Hi Kat. Thank you for your really kind words. Sometimes i feel like i'm geting nowhere and appeciate your thoughts. Loving your new hats and just remembered i should check ebay for the fab rainy day hat you have listed.

    Hi The Mini-Maker. Oh gosh, i'm so envious of so many other people and always just see the faults in what i make. I dont think i'm that talented but always give everything a try and run lots of tests to help me learn quicker.

    Hi Carmen. I would just rush everything esle in your day so you can try and make more time for mini's. I'd just make things all day and night if i could. Mind you i've been making things since i was tiny so i suppose i do just make all the time.

    Hi Lotti. Glad you like them. When finished hoping they look loads better than at the moment.

    Hi Moti. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Belle. Your comment made me laugh. You sound like me. Do you get bored and think up new things to make and just move onto something new all the time? Thats what i do and got to learn to stop it and finish what i start... lol

    Thanks all... Nikki x


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