Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Smile for the camera!

Told them to smile and say cheese... bad mushrooms!
Anyway, as you can see i'm still into putting faces on just about everything and now i have something which i'll show in a few days to further enhance the little faces.
Keep an 'eye' out for whatever it could be!


  1. these are too cute! and isn't it funny how we picked the same heading for our posts...mine - - something about grinning minis that brightens up the day!

    Vicky x

  2. How can you do it in such small place? it's a mistery.Hugs

  3. Brill Photo of them too! Such grumpy little fellas, I love the dark circles under the eyes!xx

  4. Nikki I love these, especially the ones poking their tongues out.

  5. Tallulah. Glad you like him. He's the first but wait until you see the next one
    Vicky. I shal go check the smile bit out. I've done this a few times with people recently. Great minds must think
    Rosanna. The small faces are just as easy as the big. Infact they are easier.
    Kate and John (the whits). I love those dark little circles too. I couldnt do them before because the kids pinch my paint brushes. So the new ones are in hiding. When i came back from miniatura lots of my brushes we chopped up and nobody would own up.
    Debbie. Glad you like them. I like the tongues too and want to make one with a wirly winding tongue and eyes on springs. Like you do... lol.


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