Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Seven Something and Proximidade Awards!

Here's two great awards from 3 lovely people. Rosanna and Jodi have presented me with the Proximidade Award, and Debbie with the Seven Something Award.
Thank you to all 3 of you.
I'v had a rather hectic day and when i have time in the next few days i'll pass both onto loads of other great people and their blogs.
In the meantime i have to name seven things i Love which are.
My family even though i moan on a daily basis about them.
Chocolate and anything sweet.
Mr Muscles glass cleaner - really, i do love this, its just the best.
Fimo and all craft products, items and tools.
The colour purple.Not all purples though and it has to be a dark tone or a muddy purple.
Reading, reading and reading. Mind you i always fall asleep and break my glasses doing this.
Hmmmm... the last one. Oh i can't think because i love so much. What would i pick if it was my last ever choice for anything i loved. Hmmmm........
It has to be roast beef, roast potatoes and all the trimmings.
Thanks to all for the awards!

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