Thursday, 2 April 2009

Double, double toil and trouble.

Well, a little while back everyone in the blog world was busy finding what their fairy names could be. Now, today we are all placing our faces upon our superheroes, supermodels, film stars, dumbledore, sports heroes and so on.
So how could i resist and here's the end result.
Make you own at
Have fun!


  1. Lol Nikki always said you was a little Witch..

  2. Nikki you look far too pretty in that to be the wicked with of the west, arnt we big kids!

  3. Well, when i've had a bath in the min, then put my make-up on shall take a new pic and see if i can be an even nicer wicth... Lol.
    Then i might go to Ikea for my sins.

  4. Morning Nikki...

    You are just the cutest little witch and all!!! What fun!!!

    I Like this blog layout.....

    Have a Terrific Thursday


  5. Spooky! The Greener one is beautiful, you look really serene! Great new profile pic,how blue are your eyes!!! I hate having my picture taken, need to get a profile pic done of John and I but we get the giggles!! xxxx

  6. You should photoshop one of Kat's hats onto your witch self. That would be even better. ;-)

  7. Nikki I like your new profile Picture..

  8. Nikki, we look like sisters ha ha ha ha!


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