Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sweeping Tom... or something like that!

Can't decide on a name for this little broom so for now he's called Tom. Has to be a boy/man because i can't do female faces too well (for some reason).
He's meant to be a thin silver birch that the witch has pulled from the soil. So the roots represent the bristles for a flying broom.
He's not complete and not happy with the colour yet, but going to add some little mushrooms clinging to his roots. Jodi suggested the mushroom idea and got to say i fell in love with it straight away. Not sure what type to make yet so will have a search for my mushroom book.
I think the next one needs arms so any suggestion for what could be in te hands are always welcome. Perhaps a wand to match the theme of te tree would be ideal.
Hopefuly he will be ready for my ebay listings tomorrow evening at 8pm


  1. Oh I love him - I think he needs a duster in his hand!

  2. The idea of a bristless broom is so new, He is very nice indeed

  3. Nikki, he looks like he would have his fists doubled up and hands on his hips, if he had hips or maybe his arms crossed. He doesn't look at all pleased! I love him!

  4. This is Great Nikki...Love the roots and color.

    How about 'Bertrum Birch'


  5. Hi Mags, Rosanna, Casey and Jodi.
    Glad you all like him and yes i think he needs arms resting on his hips, and a cleaning one with a duster. I'll do it like that next time.
    Bertrum Birch is just the best name so Bertrum he is. Thanks for the name Jodi.
    It's nice to get ideas form everyone so thank you all!

  6. I love Sweeping Tom, really seems lively which is good for a sweeper, bet he talks in long sweeping statements too, when he isn't busy, so great.

  7. He's great! Instead of a duster, maybe that arm-hand can have a bunch of leaves on it to suggest a duster....I love the idea of having his other hand on his hip. LOL...Maybe that's why he's so cross....he's mad because he has to dust!

  8. I agree a 'different' type of duster, Coleen from Wet Paint who does brooms with faces did a broom with a duster, so clusters of leaves as one would be different. Hands on hips on Bertram would be cool too as he looks very cross to have bene pulled up!

  9. O I find this so cute!
    * marlies


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