Sunday, 26 April 2009

Photo shoot... lol. Wizard looking a bit too girly for my liking!

Well, here we are and here's the wizards head after his little photo shoot. I say photo shoot because he looks like he's pouting... Lol. He also looks a little too girly for my liking but hopefuly with a hat and maybe some bushy eyebrows the man will come out in him.
Before i go on these pictures are close up and some are showing faults with the clay. I have my new super all seeing glasses on and they dont show. Bad camera for bringing them out!
As you can se he now has hair and really enjoyed styling it. I didnt show you earlier but he had a lttle hole in the top of his head. I made the hole which wasnt really that big with the end of a paint brush.
Anyway i glued all the hir onto his head like our own hair grows and di this in several stage. The finally i used the hole to put the fina top of the hair on.
I don't know if the hole thing is right for sculpture but girls world had one of these and you could wind the hair up and down. So if it worked for her it works for wizards.. lol
I've painted his eyes and added the tiny little white dot. I tied everything to get that dot just right and in the end i used a porcupine quil and just placed the tiniest of dots.
For my first ever sculpt i'm ever so proud. Even though i'm proud i can see his many faults and also i'm not happy with his eyebrows. When i started his face i though it would be great for him to have a massive brow ridge, but now i wish i'd rounded it of more and made it smaller. But i suppose its given me lots of experience.
So here he is in his many positions. Not long now until i wire him all up.
I'm just so proud but there is nobody in to show him to. Hubs and my son pats have gone fishing. Francis is out swimming, and niall is out playing. Can't wait for them to come home. Not that they show much interest but its good to get the good or bad look every now and again.


  1. He's awesome Nikki, you should be very proud! I can totally picture him in robes brewing up something wicked.

  2. Nikki your doing a brilliant job. For yor first Miniature Doll, I think your doing amazing. Looking forward to seeing him dressed in his Wizard robes..

  3. I love it....very brilliant job!

  4. Hi Nikki,he´s not girly, it´s just because the beard is missing and some "macho" eyebrows ;o) He looks allready pretty good ! My compliments to you !!Can´t wait to see him finished !!! Great Job Nikki !!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow - what a wonderful face! I agree that the beard and some crazy eyebrows will give him that wizardy appeal! Can't wait to see how you finish him!

  6. He looks fantastic! I think you're right about the bushy eyebrows making him look more masculine. What about a mustache?

  7. He looks fantastic Nikki and he doesnt look girly. You really have done a great job. Hes going to look wonderful when hes finished.

    Debie xxx

  8. He is fantazmagorical - not girly at all!

  9. Dont know what hair you used for him but it really suits him, really wiry and wizardy. Love that dimple in his chin too, great job, bet your chuffed to bits!

  10. Great job Nikki ...he looks super and not at all female (in the face) you probably think he looks female because of the torso...waist and chest... just next time make it a tad bit more up and down and less curves...LOL!

    Keep up the good work


  11. I love him! I really dig his hair a lot- and agree with others that bushy eyebrows is going to make a difference in his looks. I think you did a fabulous job!!!!

  12. I think you did a great job! This wizzard is a friendly one, yes? Maby if he is to girly you can give him a stubble beard? (don't now if the word is good)
    * marlies

  13. Oooh I really like him so far & he's not girly, I agree with the others re the need for bushy eyebrows and a long wizardy beard. For a first sculpt you have every right to be proud, mine was awful and too embarrassing to share now! Keep at it - he's great.
    Thanx for stopping by my new blog by the way, I'm loving all the stuff Ive read on yours so far :0)


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