Sunday, 26 April 2009

Help. Question on hair?????

Now i'm in love with sculpting i want to buy some new hair for future figures.
Can anyone advise the best type of hair to get, the best place to get it and any other little hints and tips if you have them.
I'd like to buy good quality hair or whatever is best. I'd also like to buy curly hair, but maybe you have to curl it yourself if thats what you want.
I'd also like to buy all shades of hair like green, pink and purple.

Eyes are something i'm now going to need. If anyobody knows a great place to buy them it would also be much appreciated.
Also, what size eyes are needed for say an average 1:12 doll.

I have so many questions but my biggest question of all is can i buy hands anywhere?
Don't laugh but i just dont like making them and i think thats why they won't work, so i thought buying them could be an option.
Or would anybody like to make my hands for me. I can send the clay and make payment before the hands are made if that suits. I want to concentrate on the heads and the hands just puzzle me.

Also if you are reading this and next time your at a fair and you see dolls, then go over and be really nice to the seller/artist. I now know most of them are not paid enough for their time and efforts and wonderful imagination. For a few years i've walked past them and thoought gosh wasn't that doll expensive. But now i know they are all worth so much more.


  1. congratulations on finishing your (first?) doll!
    he looks great.

    my name is Silk and I am yet to take the leap and fire/bake mine, hey to be honest I'm yet to completely finish any of my polymer clay sculpts, it just seems so final :)

    where will your wizard live? will he be alone?

    Oh, there is a great tutorial for rather detailed hands on the CDHM custom dolls houses and miniatures website, if your still looking,

    or... while at a craft store the other day checking out the craft porn, I saw a few press molds intended for kids one of which I think included all the parts of a doll, could make your own simple mold of the hands you have,

    as for hair I use the same method as for big dolls, (pate etc) and I've always thought that white mohair is best/most versatile for doll wigs.

    I'm new to you blog but having a fun read, keep it up!

  2. Okay, hair, its all down to personal preference, some doll artists use tibetian mohair I dont like it because it comes on the hide (the lambs are skinned for it and not all comes as a bi product). Viscose is ok, I use, mohair and angora locks that I dye myself (faff I know) I also save hair cuts and use real human hair sometimes. You can also go to one of those fashion stands and buy those hair extension things that clip in. Some of the hair is real some is synthetic. I also use sheeps fleece that I comb out. If you want some samples of bits and bobs to have a play with email me your address and I will happily send you some stuff (freebies)I have bags of all sorts of hair stuff, it will take me years to get through it. Now, the hands, you could molded ones that you can tweak after they come out of the mold. Dont give up on them, I hated making hands, but one afternoon I sat down and (I hate letting things beat me LOL ) practiced over and over again. Eyes lots of suppliers etc and methods of making them, too much to put here LOL. Some dolls take me 3 days to make, sculpt and dress etc. its time consuming but so rewarding. Hope this helps. Debie xxx

  3. Most of the doll makers I know either use viscose or mohair for wigging. 2 or 3mm eyes can be used for 1:12 dolls as far as I know.

    Here are some websites that either myself or other friends have ordered doll hair ans eyes from: -viscose, mohair, eyes, and more -hair, fabric, trims -fabric and trims, I think they have viscose too -wigging supplies

    Hope this helps. :-)

  4. Hey, I baked Winifred and am trying to paint her. I wish I had colored her some before baking. I will do that with Mortimer. And the questions about hair and eyes are good ones too. Thanks for that. I am in the US and would love some good sites here to order from. I know I can order from the UK however if I can save any money on shipping by finding good places here it sounds like a good idea. I am also fascinated by how quickly you have gotten the faces right. You are really skilled and I can't wait to get better.

  5. Nikki have you checked out the mini doll list? - may find answers there. How about making a mold of your hands, then you don't have to keep redoing them? Eyes? Perhaps or the list will have answers. Love your stuff! Chris

  6. My favourite viscose source is minikits! I make my own eyes...I'd love to find beautiful glass eyes the size I want - I suspect I'm going to eventually make them! :D

  7. Nikki I have allways used prosculpt on all my figures, the clay comes in colors such as caucasian flesh, ethnic brown, translucent and baby. When I complete my sculpting I color with powder chalk, makeup, and pastel pencils for the fingernail tips. It can be applied prior to baking or after then spray with a light matte finish. Hands are my favorite they just came naturally to me I use a armature I make out of wire. I have a book Art Dolls basic sculpting and beyond by Jack Johnson, I will try to scan in the chapter on hands and email it to you. Judy he has a web site I use him as a source for eyes hair and such. He is located in Salt Lake City Utah. As for hair I agree quality hair makes a difference. I would be happy to make some hands for you if you like, if you like them we could trade. I need to work on smaller scale as my people have been 20 inch to 4 ft tall. I am going to start a wizzard this week after I go to the doctors and get the ok to use my arm again, wish me luck!!! I will work on hands tonight while Gil and the boys watch TV wont let the Doc know. I love your doll hes perfect. I had one that started out as a lady, then became a man and ended up as Ebenezer Scrooge which was the best ever, I gave him to my brother as a birthday gift. I've rattled on enough, take care.

  8. Hi Anonymous. Nice to meet you. I would just bake one and see what happens rather than keeping on working on them. I just took the risk and didnt have a clue what i was doing.
    Thank you also for the hints, tips and advice.

    Hi Debie. Thank you for the advice and great suggestions. Anything new takes time to learn and find out about what and what not to use so your info is really great.
    If you want to do a swap for something of mine i would gladly love a little parcel of bits and bobs to play with. I'm trying to think what i could send it return. Is there anything you can think of?
    I will email you tomorrow because i should really be doing the very dul ironing now.

    Hi MiniKat. Later this evening i shall check out all the links you have given. It was really kind of you to spend the time doing so and really pleased with them. Thank you also for the advice on eyes. I dont want to make too many mistakes because it can get expensive and infor like this is much valued.

    Hi Judy C. I think Winifred is fantastic and think its ever so clever how you have sculpted and entire body. She looks like me lol,,, but only much slimmer.
    I'm glad also the advice people are giving is working out useful for you too. It costs so much to ship from another country and will be great if you can find supplies nearer to you.
    I too can't believe how well the faces are coming along. Although i can see all the mistakes and if i'd added a forehead then his whole head would have gone to big. So i now know what t start with on the next face and make sure i start off smaller.
    I havnt copied from the book but a book called fairies, gnomes and trolls by maureen carlson is wonderful for learning.
    The figures are not 1:12 but the ideas for faces are useful to work out how to add shape and fullness to a face. It shows you all the bits that are needed to add a chin, cheeks and brow etc and if you dont copy but use as an example its great.

    Hi Chris. I will check out the site later because i need to get back to the school uniform ironing. I didn't think to make a mould of the hands and now i have glued them to the wire and the body.
    They were not brilliant anyway but once i manage to make a nice pair of hands i'll take a mould. Thank you for the link.

    Thank you to everyone for the brilliant advice, hints tips and links.

    Nikki x

  9. Hi Lisa. Lovely to see you here. You will have to start your own blog so we can all see your fab work.
    I will have a look for that book because it will always come in useful.
    Thank you also for the link which i shall check out later.
    You must not work until your doctor says it is ok to again. It won't be long now and you can enjoy the rest you are getting for the time being.
    I'm g;ad you like my wizard so far and can;t wait to see what you make yours look like.
    He's ok for my first ever figure but i can see all the mistakes which i suppose is a good thing for learning.
    I would gladly take you up on the offer of hands. I've tried and tried without much luck and for the time being it would be great to have some hands that are complete. I could even make a mould with them perhaps for future figure.
    I will be in touch with your through email tomorrow about a swap and the hands.
    You really don't know how lucky you are being able to make them.
    I best get on and finish the very dull iroing. I've been saying this for an hour now and dread the massive pile. Plus at this late hour i need to do all the housework. Luckily being a night owl i can do it when everyone has gone to bed.
    I must be mad... lol.

    Nikki x

  10. Happy Sunday Nikki...

    Don't give up on those will me!!

    As for hair...I use a little bit of basica rule is if it looks good for that particular character...use it! My only other rule is the 'Proper size' or must be correct for a miniature. Human hair tends to be to big and thick for the proper miniature hairdo... it would be like we had hair strands the size of licorice sticks... so that is something you always have to take into consideration when doing miniatures. Mohair (thin mohair) or lambs wool works good...easy to dye (many dye wool with kool aide to get that Bright colorful look) I like is the proper circumference. I have cut fine hair from sheep skins, goat...even used mouse once...(Long story)... Llama works great as does angora.

    Happy Hair Hunting...


  11. Hi Nikki,
    I buy my hair from Fairytasia as you can get small packs of viscose in lots of colours and the white can be dyed or streaked with felt pens to get a different look. She also does eyes and wings if you get into making fairies.
    I curl my hair on a mini pleater available at Little Trimmings or for ringlet type curls, I wrap very thin bits of viscose round thin knitting needles and secure with a bit of wire. i put them in the sink and pour on boiling water, then remove, pat dry and leave somewhere warm to dry. You can make very small curls on coctail sticks and skewers. Love Margaret

  12. Hi Margaret. Thank you for the advice. I shall check out both sites.
    Are you the Margaret that made my witch? Just wondered.
    I like the way you curl hair and will give that a try.
    Excuse any bad typing as usual. I can't find my glasses and really struggling to see.
    Nikki x

  13. Hi Nikki,

    Yes I did make your witch and I did the wizard for Kat .

    Love Margaret x

  14. Hi Nikki (hello Margaret) :-). Another option is certain types of wool. They make great matted hair or dreadlocks. Sort of Captain Jack Sparrow! I might have some hair somewhere in my craft boxes if you want some to play with? I'll post some with your present I have made you.

  15. Hello you:O)
    Just wanted to say i have really loved watching your wizard come together....just got clothes to so slow at the dressing part, well think everything actually.
    He is looking fantastic ...thanx for the pics

  16. I cant add much to this question that hasn't been said already, but I am soooo with you on the not liking the hand making thing! they are the least favourite part of the doll making process for me too, but stick at it and it does get easier....honest!


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