Sunday, 26 April 2009

Head, feet and hands.

I woke early this morning to the sounds of the children visiting next door bouncing on the trampoline. I didn'd mind because i was eager to get on with the wizards head.
So i coloured him with pastels and baked. Lots of prayers were said as he went it for the bake and while he was baking i decided to try feet and hands again.
The feet are not a problem because i'll be making him some leather boots, so they were just kept simple. I'm not sure if they are too big or not but i can always sand them down when he has his boot fitting.
Then came the hands. I've looked for many a tutorial online and i've also followed all the links all of you have given to me recently. I found piskies and poppets tutorial the best. I like the way Debie makes her hands the best, and if you want to have a nose then look for the link in my previous post.
All was going well with the hands and out of nothing these fabulous hands started to form. They were really good... But, with too much prodding and poking by me both hands distorted, the fingers went all flat and in the bin they went.
I've tried and tried and being an impatient person i wanted hands instantly. So out came some hands that are a spare set for my witch. They were made by a lovely lady that makes dolls and i know its cheating and they are not my own, but i covered them with a thin layer of proscult, shaped them up a bit and coloured to match the face.
If you are wondering why i covered them then i did so because they were female hands and i wanted more chunky male versions.
So, now i have arms and legs, the face is complete and now i shall have to work out how to wire it all up so he can be posed.
The colours on his face are not showing too well. He has slight dark rings under his eyes and rosy cheeks with the reddish nose.
I'm not fantastic at sewing so lord only knows what his clothes will look like. I dont want him to be a glitzy wizard, but quite scruffy with worn out old clothes and a battered hat. Plus i see him with a little scarf and dirty scruffy leather boots and lots of scrolls under his arms.
Its quite nice and good fun to see him develop. I havn't planned him in any way what so ever and longing to get him dressed and ready to go out into the world... lol
Hope you like him so far.

Oh yes, as you can see he now has ears too. Jodi, i did them just for you even though they will never be seen.


  1. Even though you did cheat, he looks great!
    * marlies

  2. Keep up the good work! He looks great. I can't wait to see him finished.

  3. I tell you something those lips are brilliant.I cannot for the life of me do lip! I could never sculpt a human face as I hate to do mouths!! Good job Nikki. How about making the clothes from polymenr clay, you can mix up your own colours to make them shaby and paint it to look worn. Just an idea, I cant sew a stitch either so Im always thinknig of ways to cheat :-) !!!!! Kate xx

  4. Hi Nikki, I think he is very good, ears and lips and everything. Do you need some sewing? let me know. I'd be more than happy to help.

  5. Hi Marlies. Thanks for that. I just can't make the hands hence my cheating. But i suppose i ditn cheat too much considering i had to shape the fingers.
    Hi Casey. Thank you and nor can i wait for him to be finished.
    Hi Kate and John. Yes, i'm quite pleased with the lips too. I made my son sit infornt of me while i did the lips. They took ages to do but now i know for the future. Going to makes the clothes from real material because it will look better with some materials i already have.
    Hi Rosanna. Glad you like him so far. Thank you for offering to do some sewing for me. I'm not briliant at sewing but i have to learn so will have a go myself. If i get stuck though i will ask you for advice because i know you are great at sewing. I want to make more figures so it will be best that i learn.
    Nikki x

  6. Whos taken to sculpting like a duck to water? Hes great, pastels work just as well as the paints, in fact they are softer. If had a £1 for all the hands I squished up I would be loaded LOL. I cant wait to see the finished piece.(thanks for the tut mention, hugs) xxx

    Debie xxx


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