Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I thought i would tell you about this fantastic seller on ebay. The seller has some fantastic sculpting and modelling materials available and all at good prices. This is also the seller i bought some tiny glass balls from that i used in my cauldrons and debbie has been using too.
Anyway, i've been ordering bits and bobs to go on the ground around my witches house and collecting natural materials. Then i thought oh i'll need nice moss too. At the moment i have loads of natural moss that florists use but i wanted the moss to be finer and more to scale. So i found this great lot of mixed colours and ordered for just £6.61. It also came with a free bag of snow which will be perfect for sugar and flour jars i'm planning.
It arrived today and its perfect for my needs. The seller also popped in a free little bag of micro beads.
The seller also stocks german glass eyes, sculpting tools, all kinds of clay, faux grass, snow and water, tibetan lamb fur and an ever ending list. Whats also great is the service and the speed of delivery.
Here's a picture of the moss which is manmade but looks real. It looks like it will be easier to work with and you can break bits of with ease. Its also nice and dry unlike the florist moss and i believe it does not colour run, so will be perfect for my pond and bog scene.
Whats also great about this seller is that they explain each product and its uses and give good suggestions on how to apply or work with.
At the moment the seller has some great tibetan lamb fur samples in multi packs. I've just ordered a pack with dark, brown and blonde colours and also a pack of wacky blue, pink and greens. These are great value and only £6.28 with 8 samples in each measuring around 4 inches each. Can't wait for them to arrive.


  1. Looks like good stuff Nikki. Thanks for sharing the link. x

  2. Your going to have a great time playing with all that stuff Nikki. Cant wait to see what you come up with.
    Debie x

  3. Thanks for sharing the seller with us. Now I know where to go to get my paws on such goodies!

  4. Morezmore is a fantastic seller, I have ordered from her often. I couldn't agree more with all your praise of her!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing, so kind of you! Mini Hugs, Jean

  6. Nikki, Thank you for the info on this seller I used the link and made some purchases as well. Thinking of the fun stuff I will be starting soon. Take care, Lisa

  7. One of my favourite sellers nikki , I love the way they pop a little freebie in with your order, a lovely touch and their tibetan lamb hair is beautiful.
    Good luck with your dollmaking looks like you have made a good start and you will soon get the hang of the tricky bits, I have a good easy to follow hand tutorial , check out the link on my blog, its the one I did for CDHM with a bit more detail and might help if you are still struggling. You will find though that you will take little hints and tips from everyone but ultimately find your own way to do things :0)
    Love your blog !
    julie xx


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