Friday, 3 April 2009

Little Update.

Here's the broom now... lol. While rolling about with the clay it seemed appropriate for this one to have a little bottom and tummy.
He's actually what my husband looks like (don't tell him)and the shape is now perfect so shall move onto the face. I did start the face earlier then decided it wasn't right so shall start again on that bit tomorrow.
I've also been busy with a wizards staff and one or two other bits. The wizard staff is also a silver birch with the roots upwards this time and holding a glass ball
Need to go and sort the house out now, cook some tea and finish some washing.
Then rather than tackle my ironing pile which is as tall as me (5ft 4) going to bag it up and send it out to be done. My husband is treating me to this. While other wifes have romantic gifts i get my ironing doen when its grown too high. Won't send it all though because i'd have to rob a bank first.
He's only being this nice i reckon because he wants to do lots of fishing, shooting and go to see the cricket. So thank the Lord for sport and manly hobbies!


  1. I have to agree. My husband's hobbies tend towards the time consuming and slightly expensive: hunting, fishing, leather-working, bow caving, and teaching hunter safety education.

    This not only gives me time without him underfoot, but allows me to spend some money on minis when his back is turned. ;-)

  2. Love the little belly and bottom on this one Nikki..

  3. I think having your ironing done is the height of romance, how wonderful!! Your broom is a he now, great to see all the work that goes into making it.

  4. This is going to be another wonderful creation...I can see it now.....

    Have a Fantastic Friday


  5. I love the belly botton and the bottom. It's so cute. Walter never offers to have my ironing done, he only says " take it easy dear, you do not have to do it all in one day"
    I could kill him specially if he is going out golfing or at a football match!!

  6. Hi Rosanna. You have to trick men into having sympathy about the ironing. Lots of tears normally helps because they hate it when you cry.
    Hi Jodi. Glad you like him so far.
    Hi Jean Day. I suppose it is the height of romance in a strange kind of way.
    Hi Debbie. I know. i too love it!
    Hi MiniKat. Love the term underfoot. Men hate it when you say this, but it is nice to get them out of your hair every now and again. And yes, all their hobbies do seem to be the expensive ones. My own husband thinks it's perefectly reasonable to pay £100 to go out to sea and catch only £50 worth of fish. The maths with this one don't make sense to me.
    They also like to make lots of washing with their interests and always come back stinking... lol.


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