Friday, 3 April 2009

Fully wired!

Could it be a girl, or could it be a Boy? I shall just have to wait and see what happens when i do the face. I'm hoping this new birch broom will be a girl mainly because everything i make turns out with a boys face.
Anyway, this one has arms and will hold a twig style duster in one hand and hopefully if it doesnt topple then a bucket in the other. Maybe i could weight out the duster in some way to create a balance. I now need to think up how to make the bucket and will post some new pics tomorrow.
Will also put some little mushrooms clinging to the roots like Jodi suggested. Didnt have time to do this with the other one.
Off now to prepare the face.


  1. Can't wait to see how this little one develops Nikki. Nikki you could make the Bucket from cardboard and cover it with some clay and make it look like wood..

  2. She looks great already, is she all wire at this point? Do you add fimo to her now, roots included? Will look so cool in a spooky kitchen Kate xx

  3. Well now...if you decide she is a 'girl'... you can call Her...'Beatrice Birch'...

    So happy you liked the idea of the little toadies clinging onto the roots of dear life...

    Have a Fantastic Friday



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