Friday, 3 April 2009

It's a boy!

This evening i've tried and tried to make a girl but have given up, so now we have a boy. Wish i could make a girls face.
All he needs now is a coat of paint and the little lines around the bark.
As for a name, i can't decide. Name suggestions are most welcome. He needs to be something Birch.
Got to say, from all the miniatures i've made over the last two years this is my favourite and quite proud of him so far. Wish i wasn't out all day tomorrow because can't wait to see him finished.
He does have a little duster to match, but i'm now thinking inplace of the duster he needs a basket on his right arm full of mushrooms, and then little mushrooms clinging to his roots. Maybe a screaming mushroom in his left hand to set the scene. I think i'll do some blue mushrooms
Off to bed to sit and draw the basket much to my hubbies


  1. He's brilliant! Love the belly button. ;-) Can't wait to see him finished!

  2. Yes, I too love the belly button and my first thought was Button Birch with a play on words Butt - on Birch since he has a prominate belly button and butt :-) Can't wait to see him finished and look forward to your next posting. Lady Lavander

  3. I love it! It is so funny and extremely well done, and definetely it is a boy.
    Names? my English is not so good...

  4. Brilliant Nikki, he's coming on a treat, can't wait to see him finished.

  5. As for a name Nikki what about Barthlamew "Barty" for short. or Bigglestick Birch.

  6. I love him!
    One of the Birches from Europe & Asia is: Betula Ermani (Ermans Birch)
    He could be Ermani or Erman?

  7. Birch is adorable. How about Birchram.

  8. Congrats. Passing out blue cigars! He's great and so are all the name suggestions!

  9. Morning Nikki...

    He is wonderful...such a personality...

    Here's a little tip for sculpting women... do everything you do for a mans face...just make the 'nose' a wee bit smaller...and ever so slightly turned up at the tip...thats an old trick for doing faces... it is the one thing that fems up a face....

    Have a Great Weekend


  10. cute! well he should be uh, handsome, right? ha! He looks like a Bartholomew Birch III to me. ha!

  11. Hi Anonymous. I think Button Birch is the perfect name so that's what he will be.
    But all the other name suggestions will be used for further brooms.
    I love Bartholomew so will use that name to make an ever so posh broom.
    I think the name Birchram Birch needs to be a toddler brush so will make a mummy for that one and call her Beatrice.
    Mags, your name suggestions are prefect and i love Betula Ermani. Betula sounds like a girl so will have to use Jodi's tips to try and make her.
    Debbie, i do love the name bigglestick and so looks like i have lots of Brooms to make... lol.
    Thank you all for taking the time to suggest names and also to let me know you like him.
    I'm quite shocked he is turning out so well and think i now love sculpting. Making this broom has proved to me i can move on and make some strange and magicalcreatures, goblins and elves. I can see the little creatures in my head but have been fearful of the doll clay i dare not open for fear of failure.
    So shortly i'l have a go at the first little creature. Must get some books first though to work out how to make the base before the clay to keep them strong.
    Had a busy day shopping and then at Ikea to get the last few things for my room. I'm now in a right mess building the shelves and moving everything around. Won't go to bed until its all done so i can have a new room ready for Monday to start on all my new ideas.

  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo he is lovely!Love the belly button :-D. You are very clever! Are you sure you make them or do you use a magic wand to create your miniatures? By the way your photo as a green Witch suits you ha ha ha! My husband thinks we look like sisters when we are both green ha ha ha!
    I would love you to make some goblins I loved the film Spiderwick.


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