Monday, 27 April 2009

Found some fab eyes!

Managed to find some suitable eyes today and some hair. Here is the link:
The lady sells them in pair but also in multiple packs with various colours of choice.
If you buy the packs of 10 or 20 pairs it works out cheaper.
I've not done much more to my wizard because i've come down with tonsilitus. Hopefully it is just a mild case.
Well, i will be honest... Lol. I wasn't happy with his eyes and thought i could take off the old paint and sand a tiny little area around his eyes.
He now looks rather sad and not one bit ready to have his picture taken. He's gone wrong and i'm quite sad about it. I don't think he can be rescued.
But, he was my first and shall move onto another now and keep him as my refernce so i can remember what i did wrong and what i did right.
I do have an idea to rescue him but will leave this idea until i have made the next one and happy with that.
I've also been having a nose around trying to work out the best way to make the wire for his body and think i have now worked out a better way so i can make figures that can sit or stand.
Will show you all the next face soon. Hopefully will also try and do something to my witch house this week too.


  1. Hi Nikki, did you know that the link you gave also has a website as well. If not here's the link:-
    I'm sure your be able to rescue your Wizard.

  2. I think the only way he can be rescued is if i turn him into a ghost... lol.

  3. Nikki, I just got home from the Rick Springfield concert, it was at the same theatre I emailed you about in Snow Canyon. Just a note: When using ProSculpt you can add more clay and bake as many times as you want until you get the look you need. When I make my 3 foot santa's because of the size alone I have to work in segements and bake each time. It can take up to 4 times in the oven to complete one head. When I have a sculpture of any size that I am just not happy with I change features, ears, etc and bake again. Was not sure if you were aware of this, hope it helps. And no matter what hair or hats I use, ears are a must even if you never see them it makes a difference in the shape of the head. Do take care of yourself, hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Oh what a shame, hope you can save him Nikki! If not, do as I did and start over, Im hoping my next attempt will be so much better and what a lesson I learnt!
    Kate xx


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