Friday, 24 April 2009

Gifts from Lisa and do you remember.

A few weeks agao i showed you all some wonderful work from a lady called Lisa. Lisa is one of my customers, but we have beomes friends over the last few weeks and yesterday a parcel arrived with some lovely gifts. Inside was a handmade card, a thank you card, a beautiful handcovered book, and an eagle whistle inside a beautiful gift box. Lisa bought the whistle for me at a recent art and craft fair in Utah. Its made from fired clay and when you put your mouth over the beak you can then whistle.
Lisa doesnt have a blog but she does read my blog. Thank you once again Lisa for thinking of me and sending such a lovely gift.
Also just as a reminder i've popped a picture in here too shwoing some of Lisa's wonderful work. I know many of you have seen it before but its wo sonderful i wanted to show again.
At the moment Lisa is recovering from an operation on her arm and hoping to be back to crafting again soon. She does all kinds of crafts and does this as a hobby.
Dont you just love this couple. I think they are perfect and so highly detailed.


  1. Wonderful Gifts Nikki..Lisa really ought to start a blog so we can see her other wonderful creations..x

  2. Lovely gifts Nikki, its nice when you get goodies in the post.

    Debie x

  3. Lucky you. We'd love to see some of her work and what she is using your miniatures for. Its so lovely to see what customers do with your work in their own dollshouses. It would be so nice if customers sent you photos of their projects so you could show how they use your creations xx

  4. Hi Nikki, I am so pleased you like the trinkets, Once my arm heals my husband and I are going to start our minature haunted house, your work transformed my initial vision from just an old scarry house to one with magical creatures and such. I will send you up dates once we get on with it. I cant wait to make items with the gifts you sent me, its going to me so much fun.

  5. Lovely gifts, its a pity she has no site. Maybe you can help her to make one? The couple is so cute!
    * marlies

  6. Nice gifts!! Love the handmade card and handcovered book... It's so beautiful...


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